Connor tries to break the fight between the two lumberers... Completing the Homestead Quest "The Fight" unlocks Level Three of the Lumberers, Terry & Godfrey

The Fight is a Homestead Mission (Lumberer) in Assassin's Creed III




Artisan Type[edit]


Unlocks Artisan Level[edit]

Level 3

Unlock Message[edit]

Spruce Lumber and other items now available from Lumberers.


Lumber Mill

Lumberers' House

Sequence Available[edit]

Sequence 06

Starting Location[edit]

Davenport Homestead - See map below for exact location

How to Start Homestead Lumberer Mission[edit]

Talk to Terry's Son




Follow the Kids

Break-up the fight

Ensure the fight never happens again


Talk to the children who report that Terry and Godfrey are fighting and ask you to stop the fight. Follow the children. After you have broken up the fight, follow the green circle to talk to Terry and then Godfrey to complete this mission.

How to break up the fight[edit]

Use the L and R sticks to adjust the position of the icons on the left and right. Your goal is to get each icon to move to the edge. Tap each stick slowly and incrementally towards the outer edge. If the icons hit the center (assassin icon), then you fail the objective. There will be a yellow bar as the icons approach the center, deal with those, and especially if the bar turns red. Green bar means you are doing ok with that side.

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