After killing the assassin, Edward must find a way to Havana in AC4 Black Flag "Find a way to Havana" is a mission objective in Sequence 1/Memory 01, Edward Kenway


After killing Duncan Walpole and assuming his identity, Edward must find a way to reach Havana and collect a reward

To complete this objective, just head towards the next Viewpoint to the east, which is just a big branch of a tree extending over a body of water below. Once you get to the edge of the branch, synchronize, and perform a Leap of Faith to the water below, the objective will complete. See screenshots below:

TIP: You need to enter the Restricted Area!

Findawaytohavana4.jpg Findawaytohavana1.jpg Findawaytohavana3.jpg

Next Objective[edit]

Free the merchant

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