This page has details on the treasure chest buried at coordinates (633,784)

Treasure Map Location[edit]

The treasure map for this treasure was found in Great Inagua to the west of the port, in some cave (use the trees to reach the a platform above and then slide down a hole into the cave):


Treasure Map Screenshot[edit]

Screenshot of the treasure map:


Treasure Chest Location[edit]

The treasure chest is found in Nassau - Coordinates (633,784)

Where to dig[edit]

See map and screenshot below from dig location. It is near a swamp, close to a wall of rocks (on the bottom side) also there is a tree growing diagonally out of the swamp nearby:

Greatinaguamaptreasurechestloc.jpg Greatinaguamapnassautreasurechestloc.jpg .

Chest Contents[edit]

Loot from this chest is 3000 Spanish Reales and plans for Gray Sails

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