This page has details on the treasure chest buried at coordinates (992,422)

Treasure Map Location[edit]

The treasure map for this treasure was found in Anotto Bay at (622,270):

Anottobaycadaverac4bf.jpg Anottobaytreasuremapmap.jpg

Diving Bell is required to get here

Treasure Map Screenshot[edit]

Screenshot of the treasure map:


Treasure Chest Location[edit]

The treasure chest is found in Principe at (992,422).

Principe does not unlock until after the sequence 9 memory, Trust is Earned

Where to dig[edit]

The cannons pictured in the map are located here:

Principecustommarkerac4bf.jpg Ac4bfcannonsprincipe.jpg

Face the cannons, turn right, go past two stone towers until you hit a fence, turn left, and dig near the tower:

Ac4bfprincipeburiedchest2.jpg Ac4bfprincipeburiedchest1.jpg

Chest Contents[edit]

4,000 reales

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