Attikus from Battleborn

Attikus is a hero in Battleborn

Is part of The Jennerit Imperium Faction.


A born leader arisen from within the ranks of the lowborn Jennerit Thralls, Attikus was forever changed when his Imperium overseers implanted shard-powered tech throughout his body. He now fights to overthrow Rendain, beat back the Varelsi, and save his people.


  • Disruptor
  • Brawler
  • Easy


Rank Unlock: Command Rank 32

Challenge Unlock: Kill 800 Jennerit Enemies


  • Pounce: Leap to a target location, dealing 67 damage and knocking back enemies where Attikus lands. Fully Charged: Deals 100 damage to shields.
  • Hedronic Eruption: Attikus hurls 10 shockwaves of energy over 5 seconds that each deal 84damage. Fully Charged: Enemies are also knocked into the air.
  • Barefisted Brawling: Attikus' primary attack is a relentless bare-handed assault using both fists. Fully Charged: Attacks gain 25% shield penetration.
  • Hedronic Arc: Electrifies Attikus for 8 seconds. Enemies meleed during this time are shocked, taking 8 damage over 4 seconds. Fully Charged: Shock also damages nearby enemies.
  • Hedronic Collector: Attikus gains 1 charge per kill (5 for major enemies) up to a maximum of 5. While Fully Charged the next skill use consumes all charges for an added effect.
  • Charged Hook: Attikus' second attack is a devastating right hook that can be charged-up for additional damage.

Helix Tree[edit]

Option 1 Level Option 2 Mutation
Hedronic Siphoning - A portion of damage dealt by Hedronic Arc is returned to Attikus as health. +15% Life Steal 1 Energetic Burst - Pounce deals additional damage in an area of effect around Attikus at the beginning of his leap. +50% Damage
Staggering Pounce - Enemies damaged by Pounce are slowed. +3 Seconds Slow Duration 2 Pounce Recharge - Activating Pounce causes Attikus shields to immediately begin rapidly recharging until impact. +105 Shield Recharge Per Second Pounce gives Attikus life steal on all damage dealt for a short time. +30% Life Steal for 8 Seconds
Brawler's Boon - A portion of damage dealt by Attikus' melee attacks is returned to him as health. +15% Life Steal 3 Tenacity - Repeated melee damage to the same target within 2 seconds stacks bonus damage up to 5 times. Up to +60% Damage.
Dampening Field - Enemies damaged by Hedronic Arc suffer reduced damage output for a short time. -30% Enemy Damage Output for 1 Second 4 Quickening Arc - Attikus moves faster while Hedronic Arc is shocking enemies. +30% Movement Speed
Hedronic Regeneration - Attikus gains a small boost to health regeneration for each charge accumulated by Hedronic Collector. Up to +35 Health Regeneration Per Second 5 Hedronic Haste - Attikus' skill cooldowns are reduced slightly for each charge accumulated by Hedronic Collector. Up to -15% Cooldown Time Executing a Fully Charged skill consumes 1 charge instead of 5, but Attikus only gains 1 charge per major enemy kill instead of 5.
Disruptor Field - Increases Hedronic Arc damage against enemy shields. +50% Bonus Damage To Shields 6 Chain Breaker - If Pounce kills a major enemy the skill's cooldown is immediately reset.
Unstoppable - Increases Attikus' maximum health. +360 Maximum Health 7 Swift Strikes - Increases Attikus’ attack speed. +20% Attack Speed Increases damage dealt by critical hits. +20% Critical Damage
Big Splash - Increases Pounce’s area of effect. +50% Area of Effect Radius 8 Power Pounce - Increases Pounce’s damage +15 Damage
Hedronic Chain - Hedronic Arc chains to nearby enemies, dealing reduced damage to the additional targets. 50% Damage To Nearby Targets 9 Aftershock - Increases the amount of time that enemies take damage when shocked by Hedronic Arc. +2 Seconds Duration Increases the damage per second dealt by Hadronic Arc but reduces its duration. +100% Damage per Second, -2 Seconds Duration
Wake of Devastation - Hedronic Eruption scorches the earth, dealing damage over time to enemies in its area of effect. +240 Damage over 2 Seconds 10 Unstoppable Rampage - Each enemy killed by Hedronic Eruption prolongs its duration. +2 Seconds per Kill, Up to +10 Seconds Duration Each Hadronic Eruption shockwave deals more damage the lower Attikus’ current health is. Up to +60 Damage


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