Deande from Battleborn

Deande is a hero in Battleborn

Is part of the Jennerit Imperium Faction.


Before Deande spearheaded the Jennerit rebellion, she was the Spymaster of the Jennerit Imperium, and one of Rendain's closest advisors. Swift, stealthy, and exceptionally lethal, Deande is one of the deadliest assassins the Imperium has ever produced.


  • Stealth
  • Assassin
  • Advanced


Rank Unlock: Command Rank 38

Challenge Unlock: Complete The Heliophage on Advanced.


  • Holotwin:Cloaks Deande and deploys a decoy (20% health, 25% damage) to fight in her stead for 8 seconds. Upon death or expiry, the decoy explodes for 200 damage.
  • Blink Storm: Upon activation, Deande unleashes a flurry of 10 strikes directly ahead of her, stunning up to 5 enemies and dealing 50 damage per hit..
  • Tessurim War Fans: Deande’s primary melee combo strings a series of rapid melee strikes, while her secondary attack hurls her fans at foes for ranged damage.
  • Burst Dash: Deande charges forward, dealing 200 damage and pushing back enemies. Hit enemies are weakened, lowering their attack damage by 30%.
  • The Element of Surprise: For 3 seconds after uncloaking, all of Deande’s skills and attacks deal 25% additional damage.
  • Diplomat’s Battle Garb: Deande’s Jennerit elite uniform, tailor-made to maximize agility, mobility, and lethality

Helix Tree[edit]

Option 1 Level Option 2 Mutation
Double Trouble - When activating Holotwin, Deande dashes in the direction in which she is currently moving. Increases Holotwin’s dash distance. +50% Dash Distance 1 Ground Zero - Burst Dash’s explosion erupts in an area of effect, damaging foes all around Deande A portion of damage dealt by Deande’s Holotwin clone is returned to her as health. +25% Life Steal
All Safeties Off - Increases Holotwin decoy damage. +50% Damage 2 Refined Emitters' - Increases Holotwin decoy health. +30% Maximum Health
Fan Apperciation - Increases thrown War Fans’ damage. +18% Damage 3 Leechsteel - A portion of damage dealt by all War Fan attacks is returned to Deande as health. +10% Life Steal Adds an uppercut to the end of Deande’s primary melee combo that knocks enemies into the air.
Calculate Risk - Burst Dash draws extra power from Deande’s shield reserves, granting bonus damage. Burst Dash now breaks Deande’s shield on activation. 4 Drain Dash - Half of the damage dealt by Burst Dash is returned to Deande as health. +50% Life Steal
Silent Strike - For 3 seconds after uncloaking, Deande’s attacks slow enemies for a brief time. +3 Seconds Slow Duration 5 Roguelike - For 3 seconds after uncloaking, Deande’s melee strikes to an opponent’s back deal additional damage. +25% Damage Killing an enemy increases Deande’s movement speed for a brief time. +10% Movement Speed for 5 Seconds
Burst Brawleer - Increases Burst Dash damage. +15% Damage 6 Escape Plan - Activating Holotwin increases Deande’s movement speed for a brief time. +30% Movement Speed for 5 Seconds Increases the damage dealt by an exploding holotwin clone. Enemies caught in the blast are slowed. +15% Damage, +3 Seconds Slow Duration
Fan O' War - Increases War Fans’ melee damage. +18% Damage 7 The Culling - Increases Deande’s damage against weakened opponents. +23% Damag
Deadly Reach - Increases Burst Dash’s damage distance. +40% Damage Distance 8 Energized - Reduces Burst Dash’s cooldown timer. -25% Cooldown Time
Improved Holographics - Reduces Holotwin’s cooldown timer, allowing more frequent use. -25% Cooldown Time 9 Lingering Light - Increases the lifetime of Deande’s Holotwin decoy. +7 Seconds Maximum Lifetime A portion of damage dealt by Burst Dash penetrates enemy shield. +50% Shield Penetration
Doppelgangup - Upon activation of Blink Storm, Deande spawns a Holotwin decoy. 10 Gathering Storm - Killing a minor enemy with Blink Storm refunds 5 seconds of the skill’s cooldown. Killing a major enemy refunds 10 seconds of the cooldown. Up to -10 Seconds Cooldown Time


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

For gear you definitely want attack speed. Her swings are slow, so anything that speeds this up is very helpful. Rest is personal preference. Movement/sprint speed is nice, since she's a bit slow, shield strength is nice (she has one skill, that drains your shield and adds it as damage to her dash), attack/skill damage is also good on her (attack if you focus on dealing damage with your fans, skill if you want your twin to do some damage for you).

Most success for me til now was with this loadout. Still haven't found a good movement speed one for her :(.

I don't really have a go to build for her to recommend. Most of the time in PvP I'm neglecting the life steal options, because I can't jump people into their face and stay alive and healing on minions is slower then recalling to base for a quick heal. I take them in PvE sometimes if we don't have a healer on the team. Cooldown on dash and holotwin is nice on 8 and 9 (I take them almost every time). Don't rely too much on the uppercut stun. It's fun when people don't know the trick to escape, but you're an easy target that's screaming "Hit me!".

Playstyle: Play her sneaky. Flank the team and hit them in the back, finish off hurt players, when your allies have to retreat, know when you can't go into melee and throw your fans (the third double throw can hurt players really bad!), focus people seperated from their allies. Just be the one annoying person, that is everywhere and nowhere :). Don't play her like Rath - you don't have a stun and spin to win combo like him. You won't survive when you are spotted by the enemies. You can use your holotwin to initiate the fight (do this only when having a safe way out of there!) and use your passive skill this way, or as a relatively safe retreat (e.g. I like to jump up in Marquis' sniping spot in Overgrowth, dash him, melee him a bit while he's weakend by the dash and activate holotwin with the left level one helix to get out of there again alive most of the time. Marquis or Ghalt, standing in there, died many times to my twin in there :p). Most important: Try to stay alive! Play safe and know, when to retreat.

Finally: Use quick melee while sprinting (this is directional and can be used as a double jump!), e.g., to backdoor enemies.


Build #1[edit]

Helix tree:

1. Ground Zero I personally prefer this one due to the AOE effect, excellent for killing minions

2.All Safeties Off For the extra holotwin damage, It may not seem helpful but it can kill players that are low hp when you need to run and can't finish them off.

3.Mutation Uppercut (Rank 5 unlock) You can juggle players and almost all enemy types other than PVE bosses. This is an essential pick up for her.

4.Drain Dash 50% life steal can be particularity helpful against large groups of minions and can fill you up relatively fast.

5.Silent Strike IF you pop your holotwin early you can flank around people begin the juggle and slow them at the same time, making it harder for enemies to escape.

6.Escape Plan More movement speed for a quick getaway

7.Fan O' War +18% damage by default is better than +23% to only weakened enemies.

8.Energized Faster burst dash cooldown

9.Improved Holographics Faster Cool down for more frequent use of your clone, albeit this one is a bit of a toss up for me, sometimes I go for Lingering Light for longer holotwin lifespan.

10.Doppelganup After hitting an enemy with your ulti a holotwin spawns making it harder for people to discern who's who.

Gear Set up:

Healing Received gear Attack speed Attack Damage (preferably with attack speed after landing a melee hit)

I prefer using Deande in Meltdown matches and play as a floater, flanking and sneaking up on people.

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