Mellka from Battleborn

Mellka is a hero in Battleborn

Is part of The Eldrid Faction.


Born as a refugee, Mellka was raised and trained among an aggressive Eldrid commando group known as the Vigilant. Proficient at several combat styles, but prefers exotic weaponry such as her biologically-active Eldrid gauntlet, now permanently fused with her left hand.


  • Agile
  • Assassin
  • Easy


Rank Unlock: Command Rank 34

Challenge Unlock: Complete The Heliophage.


  • Custom Machine Pistol: Mellka's machine pistol envenomates targets on hit. Reloading launches a venom canister that explodes on impact. Exhaust the clip to deal more damage.
  • Claw Lunge: Lunges forward a short distance for a powerful claw strike dealing 187 damage. Can lock onto nearby targets.
  • Blade Launcher: Unleashes a barrage of laced blades that envenomates targets and dealing 233 damage with each hit.
  • Eldrid Operative's Garb: Trained in the elite Eldrid unit known as the Vigilant, Mellka is a versatile and nimble assassin, utilizing her weapons in concert to control the tide of battle.
  • Spike: Charges a burst of energy that deals 280 damage to nearby enemies, and launches Mellka into the air.
  • Venom: Enemies afflicted with Venom suffer increased damage from Mellka's melee attacks and Claw Lunge.

Helix Tree[edit]

Option 1 Level Option 2 Mutation
Hobbling Strike - Enemies hit by Claw Lunge are slowed for a brief time. +3 Seconds Slow 1 Hobbling Spike - Enemies hit by Spike are slowed for a brief time. +3 Seconds Slow
Parting Gift - Spike leaves behind an area of effect that envenomates nearby enemies and deals damage-over-time. +28 Damage Per Second 2 Lift Off! - Increases Mellka's Spike height. Activating Spike now propels Melika forward.
Air Stall - Mellka's off-hand melee attack propels her backwards. Can be used once every 3 seconds. 3 Frag Canister - Reloading the Machine Pistol fires a venom canister that fragments into smaller projectiles shortly after launch.
Blade Ejection - Claw Lunge launches a blade at the end of the lunge, dealing additional damage. +70 Damage 4 Tactical Withdrawal - If Mellka hits a target with Claw Lunge, she will bounce backwards Using Claw Lunge refills Mellka’s Custom Machine Pistol.
Adrenaline Rush - Meleeing enemies afflicted with venom increases Mellka’s health regeneration rate for a short time. +7 Health Regeneration for 4 Seconds 5 Combat Rhythm - Killing an enemy afflicted with venom grants a stack of increased health (to a maximum of 10 stacks). Health stacks are reset upon death. +30 Maximum Health Per Stack Enemies killed while affected by venom will explode dealing damage and spreading venom to nearby targets.
Spike Burst - Increases Spike’s area-of-effect radius. If the Parting Gift augment is active, its area-of-effect radius is also increased. 6 Desperate Lunge -The cooldown for Spike is lowered by up to 40% based on Mellka's remaining health. Up to -40% Cooldown Time
Power Spike - Mellka switches to a more deadly form of venom that increases her Spike damage. (Also increases Spike Trap Damage) +140 Damage 7 Second Wind - The cooldown for Spike is lowered by up to 40% based on Mellka's remaining health. Up to -40% Cooldown Time
Refined Canisters - Increases Machine Pistol magazine size. +10 Clip Size 8 Air Stall - When a new target is envenomated, Meilka's movement speed is increased for a short time. +30% Movement Speed for 5 Seconds Increases the duration of Venom. +4 Seconds Duration
Feral Strike - Activating Claw Lunge increases Mellka’s melee attack speed for a short time. +20% Melee Attack Speed for 8 Seconds 9 Finishing Blow - Claw Lunge deals increased damage. +30 Damage
Blade Storm - Blade Launcher blades bounce off of the environment and home in on envenomated enemies instead of exploding on impact. 10 All or Nothing - Blade Launcher fires a single, powerful shot, dealing heavy damage to one target. +700 Damage Each shot from Blade Launcher explodes on contact and leaves a Parting Gift damage pool if it hits the ground.


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

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  • All eldrid despite not having shields can gain them through items. Mellka benefits from this more than any other eldrid due to her ability to harass and skirmish. Adding a cheap item to her load out that provides a shield bonus greatly improves her ability to skirmish and general survival in pvp.
  • Mellka's abilities are best used for mobility than for straight up damage. Be unpredictable, be mobile, be extremely hard to hit while you let your DOTs do your thing. A great escape move is to use Spike, aim up in the air, and then use Claw Lunge to sail great distances, away from foes and out of sticky situations you may have found yourself in.
  • Mellka's grenades fly farther than you might think. It's possibly to nail people in the Overgrowth sniper box from the safety of your own sniper box once you get used to the incredibly trajectory of her poison grenades.
  • Harass, not kill. Reduce enemy Battleborn's HP, force them out of the lane, or get them to hastily retreat or summon their fellows; you may not have a great kill streak, but you will be a great help for your team.

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