Shayne & Aurox from Battleborn

Shayne and Aurox is a hero in Battleborn

Is part of the Rogues Faction.


Bound by an uneasy alliance, this 16-year-old, boomerang-slinging punk and her companion omnidimensional horror are one of the Rogue's best brawler teams. Formidable on their own but fearsome together, Shayne and Aurox fight for nobody but themselves, and like it that way.


  • Stealth
  • Initiator
  • Complex


Rank Unlock: Command Rank 6

Challenge Unlock: Complete 5 co-op missions or matches with at least one other palyer.


  • Stealth Strike: Cloaks Shayne. When the cloak expires or is cancelled, Aurox crashes down, dealing damage to the area surrounding Shayne.
  • Tag Team: Summons Aurox at target location, dealing damage over several seconds. After ending, nearby enemies are knocked into the air.
  • Aurox: Shayne’s companion djinn serves as Shayne’s shield and bodyguard, helping to melee enemies at close range.
  • Fetch: Aurox charges forward and pulls the first enemy he encounters back to Shayne, dealing damage.
  • Fleet Footed: When Aurox is disabled, Shayne moves faster.
  • Shayne's Boomerang: Shayne's secondary attack hurls her trusty Boomerang that damages enemies on impact.

Helix Tree[edit]

Option 1 Level Option 2 Mutation
Aura of Annoyance - While Shayne is cloaked by Stealth Strike, she projects an area of effect that damages nearby enemies. 1 Welcome Committee - Shayne gains an overshield after successfully hitting an enemy with Fetch.
Wait for the Drop - Shayne gains an overshield after successfully hitting an enemy with Fetch. 2 Surprise Party - Shayne and Aurox’s first attack after the conclusion of Stealth Strike deals additional damage.
Boomerang Bounce - Shayne’s Boomerang bounces to a nearby enemy on a successful hit. 3 Hulk Out with your Djinn Out - Increases the rate of shield recharge.
What's Yours is Mine - Fetch steals some of the target’s shield on impact. 4 Holding it Down - Instead of pulling targets, Fetch now stuns enemies on impact. When Fetch is activated, Aurox phases through enemies, damaging and pulling every enemy he encounters along the way.
The Immortal Aegis - At the conclusion of any skill, Shayne and Aurox’s shield immediately begins to recharge. 5 Don't Stop Running - Increases Fleet-footed’s active duration.
Sneaky n' Resilient - Shayne takes reduced damage while cloaked by Stealth Strike. 6 Shield Smasher - Fetch damage penetrates enemy shields.
Alone Time - Shayne’s health regenerates while her shield is broken. 7 Bigger, Badder, Djinn - Increases maximum shield strength.
Sustained Stealth - Increases Stealth Strike duration. 8 Djinn to the Face - Increases damage dealt by Stealth Strike’s final impact. Increases the radius of the explosion of Stealth Strike. +50% Area of Effect Radius
Quite Fetching - Reduces Fetch’s cooldown time. 9 Sick 'em Aurox - Increases Fetch damage. Increases Aurox’s speed during Fetch. +35% Aurox Speed
Aurox Hungers - While Tag Team is active, Aurox steals shield energy from nearby enemies, returning it to Shayne. 10 Aurox Beckons - When Tag Team is activated, Aurox draws in nearby enemies, slowing them at close range.


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