Magic Eight Ball in the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (BOIR)
Magic 8 Ball: Shot Speed Up

Magic 8 Ball is a passive item in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (TBOIR)


A magic 8 ball.


  • +16% Shot speed.
  • Random Tarot Card spawns on the ground nearby.

Character Appearance[edit]

Isaac wears a fortune teller head wrap

See screenshots below, note that in these screenshots Isaac is also wearing X-Ray Glasses



Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The shot speed increase is very useful when combined with items that increase fire rate.


Magic 8 Ball has the following Synergies and Interactions with other items:

Item Synergy
Odd Mushroom Increased fire rate and shot speed leads to good DPS

Magic 8 Ball Seed[edit]

  • R2YE FQ2Y
  • ADD MORE Magic 8 Ball SEEDS HERE!


  • The Magic 8-Ball is an advice-giving toy manufactured by Mattel

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