Odd Mushroom (Thin) in the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (BOIR)
Odd Mushroom: Fire Rate Up

Odd Mushroom (Thin) is a passive item in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (TBOIR)

(Also see: Odd Mushroom (Large))


A thin mushroom.


  • +0.3 Speed.
  • +1.7 Tears.
  • Damage Reduction: (Damage Ups from other items * 0.9) - 0.4.

Character Appearance[edit]

Isaac's head becomes smaller and he looks sadder and has longer tears:


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Even though damage is reduced, you still do a lot more DPS due to the increased fire rate.


Odd Mushroom has the following Synergies and Interactions with other items:

Item Synergy
The Mulligan High fire rate means more proc

Odd Mushroom Seed[edit]

  • L4QE 2MJR
  • ADD MORE Odd Mushroom SEEDS HERE!

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