Boat Rower's Dialog at the start of BioShock Infinite

This dialog is spoken by the Couple on the Wooden Rowing Boat off the coast of Maine, in 1912.

Man: Are you going to just sit there?

Woman: As compared to what? Standing?

Man: Not standing. Rowing.

Woman: Rowing? Didn't plan on it.

Man: So you expect me to shoulder all the burden.

Woman: No, but I do expect you to do all the rowing.

Man: And why is that?

Woman: Coming here was your idea.

Man: My idea?

Woman: I made it very clear that I don't believe in the exercise.

Man: The rowing?

Woman: No, I Imagine that's wonderful exercise.

Man: Then what?

Woman: The entire thought experiment.

Booker: Excuse me, how much longer?

Man: One goes into an experiment knowing one could fail.

Woman: One does not undertake an experiment knowing one has failed.

Man: Can we get back to the rowing?

Woman: I suggest you do, or we are never going to get there.

Man: No, I mean I'd greatly appreciate if you could assist.

Woman: Perhaps you should ask him, I believe he has a greater interest in getting there than I do.

Man: I suppose he does, but there is no point in asking.

Woman: Why not?

Man: Because he doesn't row.

Woman: He doesn't row?

Man: No, he doesn't row.

Woman: Ah. I see what you mean.

Woman: We've arrived. Shall we tell him when we'll be returning?

Man: Will that change anything?

Woman: It might give him some comfort.

Man: At least that's something we can agree on.

Booker: Hey, is someone meeting me here?

Man: I'd certainly hope so.

Woman: It does seem like a dreadful place to be stranded.

Booker: Well maybe there's someone inside.