This weird couple is taking you in a wooden boat to a lighthouse in BioShock Infinite.

This strange couple is seen at the beginning of the game, on a Wooden Rowing Boat off the coast of Maine, in 1912.

It is a man and woman. Both are wearing yellow raincoats, and the man is doing all the rowing. The man complains to the woman that she is just sitting there not helping him row the boat. They talk about something called "Thought Experiment" which the woman does not appear to believe in.

The woman gives Booker DeWitt a Wooden Box which contains a Photo of Elizabeth, a Souvenir from Monument Island, a weapon, and other items.

"Man: Are you going to just sit there? Woman: As compared to what? Standing? Man: Not standing, rowing. Woman: Rowing? I hadn't planned on it. Man: So you expect me to shoulder the burden? Woman: No, but I do expect you to do all the rowing. Man: And why is that? Woman: Coming here was your idea. Man: My idea? Woman: I made it very clear I don't believe in the exercise Man: The rowing? Woman: No, I'm sure that's wonderful exercise. Man: Then what? Woman: The entire thought expirement. Man: One goes into an expirement knowing one could fail.Woman: One does not undertake an expirement knowing one HAS failed. Man: Can we get back to the rowing? Woman: I suggest you do, or we're never going to get there. Man: No, I mean I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd assist. Woman: Perhaps you should ask him, I imagine he has a greater interest in getting there than I do. Man: I suppose he does, but there's no point in asking. Woman: Why not? Man: Because he doesn't row. Woman: He doesn't row? Man: No, he DOESN'T row. Woman: Ah, I see what you mean." -conversation had by the couple

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