Hunt Down the Vox

Hunt Down the Vox is a carnival game in BioShock Infinite


1st Price[edit]

Silver Eagle Purse (20 points to win)

2nd Price[edit]

Coins (10 points to win)

3rd Price[edit]

Cigarettes (5 points to win)

Number of Prizes you can win[edit]

You can win each of these prices once, for a total of three prizes.


Hit as many targets as you can with the Air Rifle

How to Play[edit]

You have 30 seconds

Time ends when dial on clock has gone a full circle

The number of points you have gotten so far is displayed above the clock

Shoot the targets for points

Hit Daisy Fitzroy for BONUS POINTS


Each target is worth 1 point, except the Anarchist Fitzroy - she is worth more points

There are three spots in which the targets appear, learn where they are so you can quickly aim there.

Hold the aim button to aim down your sights to increase accuracy


Fire in short bursts to maintain accuracy

There will will be a sound effect - ring - before Daisy comes out. When you here that, quickly focus on her. She will be crossing through the rear of the target area.


How many points is Daisy Fitzroy worth?[edit]

You get 3 points for hitting Daisy Fitzroy