A lock in BioShock Infinite

A lock which is fixed upon certain doors in BioShock Infinite.

They typically take between one and five lockpicks, usually depending on the quality of valuables hidden behind the door.

Types of Locks[edit]

There are two types of locks in BioShock Infinite.

Hairpin Locks[edit]

Hairpin locks are weaker, and guard doors which are integral to the game's story progress.

Elizabeth can pick these locks using a pin from her hair, meaning that Booker does not need to have any lockpicks in his possession to open the doors.

Hard Locks[edit]

These locks are more common than the Hairpin Locks, and guard doors and safes that are not essential for story progress.

Picking a hard lock will take anywhere from one to five lockpicks.

A hard lock will never block a story door.