A Casual Scout? is a quest in BDO. It involves killing Red Orcs in the neutral zone.

A Casual Scout? is a quest in Black Desert Online.

You get it from Xaviero Vitello at the Southwestern Gateway.


Background Story[edit]

Xaviero Vitello says the Southwestern Gateway is safe as long as he's here, but he cannot leave his post. Move to the Neutral Zone and kill Red Orcs and Red Orc Warriors.







  • Skill EXP
  • Contribution EXP
  • Choose one:
    • HP Potion (Medium) x5
    • MP Potion (Medium) x5

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Be careful not to fall into the Sanctuary Valley Path near the Western Cliff on the way to the Neutral Zone, as it may be a pain to climb out.
  • The orc areas in this quest are very crowded so try not to get jumped on and become outnumbered.

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