A Soldier's Secret Problem is a quest in BDO. It involves catching a Lost Rabbit in Glish

A Soldier's Secret Problem is a quest in Black Desert Online.

You get it from a Soldier in Glish.


Background Story[edit]

A Guard in Glish wants to find at least a few runaway rabbits. Help him out.





  • Find a Lost Rabbit in the village and get near it and interact with it.



  • Contribution EXP

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The Soldier who gives this quest can be found near where Freharau is.
  • You must be level 26 or above to get this quest.
  • The Lost Rabbit will try to run away and can run pretty fast so this quest might require a bit of chasing around.
  • A good place to look for Lost Rabbits is the area outside of the Church.

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