A Special for Friends is a quest in BDO. It involves getting over 500 Amity from Crurhorn Wyrmsbane.

A Special for Friends is a quest in Black Desert Online.

You get it from Enrico Mancini, the guard commander at Heidel City.


Background Story[edit]

Enrico Mancini wants to know about Cruhorn Wyrmsbane's special equipment that he only sells to friends. Get to know Cruhorn Wyrmsbane and see what he has in his sales inventory.




  • Raise Amity with Crurhorn Wyrmsbane to >500
  • Talk to him and click on "Unforgettable Dexterity"
  • You will now gain knowledge on "Crewhorn's Errand".
  • This completes the objective
  • Return to Enrico Mancini to turn in the quest.



  • Contribution EXP

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • A prerequisite for getting this quest is Amity >50 with Enrico Mancini
  • Even though the quest description implies that Crurhorn Wyrmsbane will sell you special equipment when you complete this quest, he doesn't. The quest completes at Amity >500. His Amity Store, however, unlocks only at Amity>1000

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