Interact with this mysterious man from Olvia at night time to engage in some smuggling in BDO


Smuggling is a form of trading in Black Desert Online. It is highly profitable, but is considered illegal trading by the guards, and flags you for open PvP, making it the riskiest form of trading in the game.

Black Rat League NPCs[edit]

  • The NPCs that engage in this form of trading are labeled <Black Rat League> Mysterious Man
  • These NPCs only appear at night (after 10:00PM) and disappear at morning.
  • See below for the Mysterious Man locations.

Secret Shops[edit]

When you interact with the mysterious man and select "Smuggle", you will be presented with the secret store:

The smuggler will present his trade stalls which contain exotic yet contraband items such as "Glishnomicon", "Heathen's Torture Device", "Heathen Amulet":


Black Rat League Locations[edit]

See below for screenshots and maps of the location of the Black Rat League NPC in each town. Click on an image to enlarge. (Credit for most images goes to /u/coldsource from /r/blackdesertonline on reddit)

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Your character's trade level does not affect secret shop drops. Instead, what affects it is the node level (city level) of the node that the NPC belongs to.
  • Bargain when you sell these items to increase your profits further.
  • You sell the items that you buy from Black Rat League members to normal, everyday trade managers.
  • You should wait to start illegal trading when you are Artisan 1 in Trading. When you are at Prof 10 you only have access to 2 of 3 items. The third item is unlocked at Artisan 1.
  • If you are not high enough level for illegal trading, there will be no smuggle option and instead the mysterious man will say: "I only give dangerous materials to people I can trust. Hone your skills and come back later"
  • Your Karma will drop when selling items. The game will alert you: "Karma has dropped. Characters of evil inclination are subject to a larger disadvantage upon death."
  • if you buy smuggle items in calpheon (area), You can only sell them in a different area (Balenos/Serendia/Mediah)
  • Selling 1 smuggle item costs you 5k Karma
  • Making a smuggle run trent-keplan-glish-heidel-velia-olvia-florin will net you around 1.5 million making it sadly not profitable compared to 1h of Sausan grinding (~4 million) --this run takes 1 full ingame night with a noble wagon
  • Smuggle items are very heavy so make sure you have your wagon badge upgraded.

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