Fishing in Black Desert Online.

Fishing is one of the activities you can do in Black Desert Online.

Equipment Needed[edit]

You need to get a Fishing Rod to start fishing. Several vendors sell them.

One of the earliest one who sells it is Material Vendor Zaaira in Velia.

You can also craft one with through a Tool workshop, or buy one through the marketplace.

How to fish[edit]

  • Locate a body of water. Make sure it's not too shallow
  • Press SPACE to cast the fishing pole.
  • When a fish bites, press SPACE when the fishing meter is in the blue. You need to time it just right.
  • If you succeed, a sequence of WASD keys will be displayed. Press the keys as shown within the time given to reel the fish up.


Fishing Resources[edit]

The less resources available, the longer it takes to fish.

Areas that are heavily populated might show as "Resources Exhausted" or "Resources Not Enough", meaning it will take you a longer time to catch the fish. Try moving to a less populated area:


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Some quests give you a fishing pole as a reward.
  • Before fishing, you should clear your inventory (i.e. to storage, or selling) to have room for all the fish.

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