Glish and the Swamp Nagas is a quest in BDO. It involves talking to Freharau at Glish.

Glish and the Swamp Nagas is a quest in Black Desert Online.

You get it from the Black Spirit.


Background Story[edit]

The Black Spirit wants you to travel to Glish.




  • Talk to Freharau at Glish.
  • If Freharau refuses to talk to you, see "strategy guide/tips" section below on how to fix.



  • Contribution EXP
  • Choose one:
    • Binder Helmet
    • Binder Gloves
    • Binder Shoes

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • When you interact with Freharau, it may say: "Do you want to be welcome here? I'm not sure who among the villagers would be open minded toward you, but I'll give it some thought", and then "You mustt meet a certain requirement to obtain the knowledge of this NPC. Go meet the NPC indicated on the world map first, then come back to obtain this knowledge"
  • If you get the above message, go inside the Church right across from Freharau. Talk to all the Villagers that are sitting on the wooden benches inside, and use energy to unlock any topic those Villagers have. Then, go back and talk to Freharau and you should now be able to complete the quest:




  • "You expected a warm welcome. Sorry to disappoint you" -Freharau
  • "Whatever happens, never forget who you are" -Freharau

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