You can buy a variety of pets, including dogs and cats, in BDO


Pets in Black Desert Online are animal companions that can do all sorts of useful stuff such as give you buffs and loot for you. They accompany you on your travels throughout the world.

How to get[edit]

You can get a pet by purchasing it in the pearls shop (in-game cash shop). Press F3 on your keyboard to open the cash shop, or access it through the game menu (ESC). Click on the "Pets" tab to see all pets and pet-related items.

After you purchase your pet, you need to register it by opening your inventory and right clicking on the pet token. At this stage, you will get a chance to name your pet.

Bring your pet out by clicking on the paw icon and then on the box icon near the pet you want to use.

Picking up items[edit]

Pets follow your character around and pick up loot automatically. A tier 0 (base tier) pet can pick up one item every 10-12 seconds (10 meter radius).

Leveling Pets[edit]

Pets lose stamina and become hungry over time, and get experience as you feed them. You can buy food (cheap food) from stable keepers or cook it (good or organic food) yourself. You can also purchase better food (nutritious food) from pearl store.

Breeding pets[edit]

You can breed 2 pets of the same species to get a pet of a higher tier with more abilities and faster item pick-up rate. Note that the two pets used for breeding will be permanently gone after the breeding is done.

Pets created by breeding have a more unique look, loot faster, as well as have a chance of giving you other buffs such as increased combat experience, increased karma restoration, increased gathering xp, increased luck, faster gathering speed, faster fishing speed, and reduced death penalty.

Pet Comparison[edit]

Pet Type Ability
Dog Detect flagged players by barking
Cat Detect gathering resources nearby (Herbs, mining nodes, trees, anything that you can gather)
Hawk Mark Nearby Elite Mobs
Penguin Increase automatic fishing speed by 20%
Desert Fox Reduce duration of heat stroke and hypothermia in the desert by 20%

Pets List[edit]

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Pets can't die.
  • You can have up to 4 pets at a time.
  • Pets start at level 1 and have a max level of 10.
  • Higher level pets loot items faster. At level 1, they loot once every 10-12 seconds. At max level, they loot once every 4-5 seconds.

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