You can rent Jordine's Protection Ring and a Acknowledged Adventurer's Seal from Jordine Ducas in Heidel City. Jordine is one of many NPCs that can let you borrow their items in return for contribution points.

This page will list all items you can rent from NPCs in Black Desert Online.


You can rent all sorts of items from NPCs, not only equipment, but you can also rent a fence or rent a flute from certain characters.

How Renting Works[edit]

When you rent an item, you have to pay a certain number of contribution point (depending on the item). You can keep the item as long as you want, and you get the contribution points back when you return the item. There is no limit as to how many items you can rent, as long as you have enough contribution points.

Returning items[edit]

To return an item you rented, speak to the NPC which you rented the item from.

Rental Items List[edit]

Region Area NPC CP Item Type Item Name Stats
Balenos Western Guard Camp Cliff 2 Shoes Cliff's Shoes Max Stamina +100
Balenos Western Guard Camp Luke 2 Gloves Luke's Gloves Accuracy +2
Balenos Velia Marsella 3 Ring Marsella's Protection Ring Accuracy +1
Max HP +10
Balenos Velia Alfredo 4 Gloves Alfredo's Gloves Max HP +20
Max MP/WP/SP +20
Balenos Velia Islin 4 Shoes Islin's Shoes Movement Speed +1
Balenos Velia Crio 3 Earrings Crio's Protection Earring Accuracy +1
Max HP +10
Balenos Velia Igor Bartali 20 Seal Licensed Adventurer's Seal Can be used each day to accept a Quest.
Balenos Northwestern Gateway Romano Prospero 10 Shoes Romano's Shoes Max HP +20
Serendia Alejandro Farm Amadeo Alejandro 3 Gloves Alejandro's Gloves Accuracy +5
Serendia Heidel Lebyos 3 Shoes Lebyos' Shoes Max Stamina +200
Serendia Heidel Jordine 4 Ring Jordine's Protection Ring Accuracy +1
Max HP +15
Serendia Heidel Jordine 60 Seal Acknowledged Adventurer's Seal Can be used each day to accept a Quest.
Serendia Heidel Flaviano 10 Holding Tool Strong Fence
Serendia Heidel Ornella 5 Gloves Ornella's Gloves Accuracy +1
Serendia Heidel Puia 1 Instrument Flute Lure nearby rats
Serendia Glish Larc 5 Shoes Larc's Shoes Movement Speed +1
Serendia Glish Freharau 4 Earrings Freharau's Protection Earing Accuracy +2
Max HP+15
Serendia Glish Ceasar 10 Gloves Ceasar's Gloves Max HP +20
Serendia Southwestern Gateway Xaviero Vitello 15 Helmet Xaviero's Helmet Max HP +30
Calpheon Delphe Knights Castle Margaret 30 Armor Margaret's Armor +50HP
Calpheon Herman Feresio 10 Necklace Herman Feresio's Necklace Accuracy +2
Max HP +20
Calpheon Enrique Encarotia 10 Rings Enrique Encarotia's Ring Accuracy +2
Max HP +20
Calpheon Giovan Grolin 10 Earrings Giovan Grolin's Earring Accuracy +2
Max HP +20
Calpheon Longleaf Tree Sentry Post Nelydormin 10 Necklace Nelydormin's Necklace Max HP/MP/WP +10
Calpheon Trent Serbianca 10 Rings Serbianca's Ring Max HP/MP/WP/SP +10
Calpheon Behr Indri 10 Earrings Indri's Earring Max HP/MP/WP/SP +10
Calpheon Trina Fort Fridri Dofricson 10 Earrings Fridri Dofricson's Earring Accuracy +1
Max MP/WP/SP +20
Calpheon Keplan Marco Faust 10 Necklace Marco Faust's Necklace Max MP +20
Calpheon Keplan Klam Cessory 10 Rings Klam Cessory's Ring Max MP/WP/SP +20

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The seals are totally worth it if you have the free CP. You rent the seal just for a brief moment anyway. Once per day you rent the seal, activate the quest, turn in the quest and turn back in the seal.
    • Velia's seal costs 20 CP and gives 1 black stone (armor).
    • Heidel costs 60 CP and gives you 1 black stone (weapon).
    • Calpheon costs 100 CP and gives you 1 black stone (weapon) and 1 black stone (armor).
  • Alejandro's Gloves which you get from Amadeo Alejandro early on can give you a good boost to your accuracy and vastly increase your ability to hit, especially higher level mobs.
  • The CP cost of a Farm Fence indicates its number of slots. IE: Strong fence (10CP) = 10 Slots
  • You can return rented items to every node manager in cities.

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