A Treasure Chest.

The treasure chest is a lootable object in Black Desert Online.

CREDIT: Screenshots below were taken by reddit user: SeinaMacabre


There are three types of treasure chests:

  • Opened using keys
  • Opened by gathering
  • NPC chest (destroyable)

Chest keys[edit]

  • Bronze Key
  • Silver Key
  • Gold Key

Gold keys are very rare - you can only get from Mad Scientist's Assistant which has a low drop rate.

Treasure Chest Map[edit]



  • Small red dot: At least 1 chest in area.
  • Large red dot: At least 2 chests in area.
  • Black Dot: Gathering/Not-openable chest

Treasure Chest Locations[edit]

(Click to enlarge)

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • If you can't find chests in some of the spots, someone might have looted it recently. Try a different channel.
  • Bring your lantern.

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