Hatred's Shadow is where the Quest starts.

"A Game of Games" is the fourth mission from Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC in Borderlands 2

Mission Type[edit]

Story Mission (DLC4)


Complete Dwarven Allies

How to start[edit]

Leave the Mines of Avarice


Hatred's Shadow


Exit the Dwarven mines

Reach Dragon Keep

Defeat the Dragon

Find the Prisoner

Punch the Prisoner

Talk to Prisoner

Remove prisoner restraints 0/2

Teleport to Dragon Keep

Defeat the Sorcerer

Free the Queen

Feed Butt Stallion Eridium

Bring light back into the world

Turn in: Roland


Money and XP

Previous Mission[edit]

Dwarven Allies


Tina: "With the Sorcerer's Tower in sight you think about what you will spend your reward money on once you rescue the Queen."

Axton: ""

Salvador: "Guns, and guns"

Maya: ""

Zer0: "I care not for cash, I live for combat. That said, probably guns"

Gaige: "Maybe some guns, and a Hecker circuit reintegrator. Those things are neat."

Krieg: "MEAT!!"

As you approach The Pit:

Tina: "What's that -- in the sky? it looks like the Handsome Sorcerer is catapulting in some orcs to fight you! Be careful, dawg."

As you step onto the Handsome Bridge

Handsome Sorcerer: "Alright, hang on. Just, wait -- wait up. I'm gonna release my dragon on you in a sec, I just gotta get my -- camcorder ready. Here we go. Gonna put dubstep behind footage of you guys dying and get tons of hits on the ECHOnet. It's gonna be awesome. OK -- ACTION!"

Tina: "The dragon from the beginning of the campaign approacheth! Roll! For! Initiative!"

After a while in the fight:

Tina: "Sounds like you could use some help. I'ma summon Roland again."

Lilith: "...kinda wish you wouldn't."

Tina: "Roland time! BOOM!"

Lilith: "[sad sigh]"

Defeat the Dragon:

Tina: "Loooooot baby babayyyyyyyy."

lilith: "Yeah!"

Brick: "Haha!"

Mordecai: "Hell yeah!!"

Handsome Sorcerer: "Gahww. What a bummer. Alright -- get up here and I'll kill ya myself. Lemme unlock the door."

When falling in Lair of Infinite Agony:

Tina: "You drop into the moldy dungeon, embarrassed by how easily the Sorcerer lured you into his trap. "

Handsome: "Good luck escaping my dungeon, jackasses. It's been real."

Lilith: "So, how do we get back to town?"

Tina: "You can't. You TRAPPED, son."

brick: But I wanna do sidequests and stuff."

Tina: "Oh. Good point. Suddenly ... THIS happens!"

Prisoner: "Help."

Brick: "Hrm. Sounds like a prisoner or something."

Prisoner: "Help."

Mordecai: Maybe she'll know a way outta here."

Brick:"Let's go find her, then."

Lilith: "Tina, back there -- you can't just force us to fall into a trap. We need a chance to escape it, or something -"

Tina: "--I'm sorry. I didn't think you guys would make it so far in one session! I hadn't planned this part in advance, I'm making it up as I go!"

Lilith: "Yeah, but the rules say --"

Mordecai: "--Lilly. Downstairs, six people are beating info out of a Hyperion spy, and you're talking about 'rules'? Seriously?"

After passing through the Chamber of Woe:

Mote: "Save me ... help ..."

In the Bone Barracks:

Mote: "Over here... keep going ..."

Approach the Seer's Sanctum:

Mote: "Hurry ..."

Enter Seer's Sanctum:

Mote: "You're nearly there ..."

As you approach the Heart of Nightmares:

Tina: "And then Roland appears to kick some butts!"

Roland: "Have at you!"

Lilith: "Tina. Stop it. I miss Roland more than anyone, but you can't just deny --"

Tina: "--Yeah girl das' cool. Suddenly, you're interrupted by the sound of a distant voice, crying out in pain!"

Mote: "This way ... release me ..."

Approach the Prisoner:

Tina: "Alright -- roll to see who does the talking."

Mordecai: "Oh, for the love of --"

Brick: "Ha-HA! TWENTY! I punch her!"

Mordecai: "Brick! No! She's our only ticket out of here!"

Brick: "[sigh] Fine. I talk to the prisoner."

Prisoner: "Release me! I shall show you the way to my father's keep!"

Mordecai: "Sure. Why not."


Prisoner: "STARTING with YOU!"


Handsome: "oh yeah -- probably shoulda mentioned: I kinda only trapped you in my dungeons so that you'd do exactly what you just did. So, have fun getting killed by my freakass daughter, I guess!"

Defeat Sorcerer's Daughter:

Handsome: For the love of -- you know what? Fine. Just come on up. For real this time. I'm unlocking the elevator."

Lilith: "Did we really have to k,ill the Sorcerer's daughter like that? She wasn't -- she wasn't as bad as you seem to think she was."

Tina: "Pffff. What? Nah man, the Sorcerer's daughter is the worst. If it weren't for her dumb but [singing] everything woulda been fine and nobody woulda died!"

Handsome: "I'm waiting."

As you step onto the elevator at Dragon keep

Handsome: Yes! You made it to the tower! Now, I can watch from my balcony as you're torn limb from screaming, bloody limb."

Brick: "Damn, Tina. That was graphic."

Tina: "Don't hate the player, hate the game."

At the top of the Elevator:

Handsome: "You'd better hurry. If you don't get here quick, my men are going to bust your little queen 's cell and murder her ass. Good luck bringing light back to the world when your savior's nothing but a pile of ashes, chumps."

Lilith: "Woah, woah -- you wouldn't kill the queen before we even had a chance to save her, would you Tina?"

Tina: "I told you, girl. No rules."

Ascending the Handsome Tower:

Handsome: "Oh hey quick update -- I got bored. I'm bot gonna lie. I ordered my men to kill the queen anyway. They're probably using her head as a soccer ball right now. See ya soon."

Mordecai: "Dammit, we better hurry."

At the top of Dragon Keep

Handsome: So, you made it at last! You're a bit too late to save your precious queen, but hey -- at least you get to die in unimaginable freakin' pain!"

Tina: "Here it is -- the big boss! Are you sure you don't want to wait for Roland?"

Lilith: "We can't wait for Roland, because he's --"

Tina: "Fine, you asked for it, boo -- FIGHT!"

End Campaign Spoilers[edit]

Tina: "You've done it! The Handsome Sorcerer is dead. And guess who showed up to celebrate? Everyone's favorite invincible Knight ... ROLAND!"

Mordecai: "That's -- that's enough, Tina."

Roland: "You did it. We've won."

Tina: "And Roland showed up and he was really happy, and everyone lived forever and it was great."

Lilith: "Enough! You can't just deny what Jack did to Roland."

Tina: "Can't hear youuuuu."

Brick: "She's right Tina."

Tina: "So, do you guys wanna do some sidequests, or --"

Mordecai: "-- You need to accept it. Roland is dea--"

Tina: "I KNOW!"

Tina: "I know .. but it's my story, and --" [She starts to cry]

Lilith: "... You know what? It's okay. He doesn't have to go."

Brick: "Not if you don't want him to."

Mordecai: "Yeah. Keep going. ... I actually wanna know how the story ends."

Tina: "Thank you. As the Sorcerer's fatal spell hurtled toward the oblivious knight, it was clear that only a miracle would save him. But luckily for the knight..."


Tina: "... a miracle is exactly what he got."

Handsome: "AGH!"

Bloodwing: [screech]

Mordecai: "Hell yeah!"

Tina: "so what did you guys think of that fight? I'm lookin' for some feedback."

Brick: "I liked the part where we killed him."

Lilith: "Yeah, I enjoyed it. Mordecai?"

Mordecai: "It wasn't ... wasn't bad, I guess."

Tina: "Don't forget, though: the queen is still trapped in her cell!"

Approach the Queen's Cell

Tina: "As you step over the corpses of the unfortunate knights who tried to murder the queen you know you've come to the right place. For who else could possibly bring light back to the world? Who else but the most beautiful, most glamorous, and most graceful queen in history: BUTT STALLION!"

Lilith: "That's -- wow."

Mordecai: "I ... don't know why I'm surprised."

Brick: "She. Is. Beautiful."

Tina: "With the queen safe, she can finally cast her magic spell and bring light back to the world. She's gonna need some Eridium to charge her spell. Better feed her some."

After feeding Butt Stallion:

Tina: "With a clop of her beautiful hooves and a whip of her fine-ass hair, Queen Butt Stallion brought back light to the kingdom once and for all."

Roland: "Great job - you defeated the Sorcerer and brought light back to the world. Sounds like you deserve a rest. Don't worry about the queen -- I'll lead her back to town myself."

Brick: "Aw. Are we done? We can't be done.

Tina: "Pfffff hell nah. You got tons o' sidequest to do, boo, and I got all the time in the world."

Tina: "The end. So -- what did you guys think?"

Lilith: "That was really good, Tina."

Brick: "hell yeah."

Mordecai: "That was honestly ... pretty fun."

Maya: "Hey, guys. That spy just coughed up the access codes to the Hyperion moon base. Anybody feel like blowing up a space station?"

Tina: "HELL YES I DO!"

Marcus: "And so the Vault Hunters and their little psychopath headed back into the wasteland -- back, once again, into the world of blood and insanity they'd taken an all-too-brief vacation from."

Tina: "Goodbye."

Marcus: "And in the days to come, they'd think of their fallen friends. Of the adventures they'd shared, both real and imaginary."

Marcus: "And they'd remember that no matter how bad things got, they were never truly alone so long as they had each other."

Claptrap: "I love you guys."

All: "Ugh"

Marcus: "And then Claptrap said something stupid and ruined everything."