A Montage is a mission in Campaign of Carnage. Leave Pyro's Bar (pictured) and head to Badass Crater Bar.

A Montage is a mission from the Mister Torgue's Campaign of Carnage DLC in Borderlands 2


Pyro Pete's Bar

The Beatdown

Badass Crater Bar


Leave Pyro Pete's Bar

Head for the Badass Crater Bar

Meet your new trainer


Meet up with your new trainer

Moxxi: "Hey darlin'. Right now you're ranked fourth on the Torgue leaderboard but don't worry - There's nothing better than getting to third.. Base... It's a sex thing. The rank three badass is a cannibalistic road hog named Motor Momma. You'll need to train a little before you take her on, but I've hired the best trainer in the business. Go meet her.

Motor Momma's hiding out, just waiting for the other gladiators to kill each other off. Once you're done with your training, you'll be ready to lure her out.


Burner Rioter

Burner Enforcer

Burner Biker

Burner Bruiser

Bike Gremlin

Road Gunner

Bike Rioter

Mission Briefing[edit]

Moxxi is your new sponsor and she's as talented at a gladiatorial promotion as she is at drawing attention away from her face. And she has a plan for you...

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