A Train to Catch

A Train to Catch is a mission in Borderlands 2


Meet Roland in Sanctuary

Go to Tundra Express

Ignite Varkids

Wake Up Roland's Spy

Meet Tina

Find Badonkadonks 0/2

Return to Tiny Tina

Pick up damsels 0/2

Set up Tina's damsels 0/2

Arm damsels 0/2

Hijack Hyperion Train

Go to wreckage site

Find fortified train car

Search Fortified Train Car

Defeat Wilhelm

Pick up power core

Get back to Sanctuary

Previous Mission[edit]

A Dam Fine Rescue

Next Mission[edit]

Rising Action


You've rescued Roland from Hyperion - now it's time for the customary 'thanks for rescuing me from those bad guys. Now let's talk about how we're going to put a bullet in Jack's face' conversation back in Sanctury

Level: 13

Difficulty: Trivial

Rewards: 2730 XP, $39

Optional: No

Story Mission


Larval Varkids

Adult Varkids

Adult Pods

Killer Marauders

Elite Marauders


Varkid Ranch

Crimson Raiders HQ



If you don't have a Fire Weapon, Marcus might sell them.

Mission Briefing (SPOILERS)[edit]

Handsome Jack is going to kill us all unless you can stop him. I'll be honest, soldier. We are losing this war. We've been trying to stop Jack from years. Taking out his men. Raiding his Eridium Mines. But it hasn't been enough. But you, you met Jack and lived. You fought off the Reapers and the Bloodshots, saved me and Lilith. If we're going to survive this, we need your help, Vault Hunter. Now, we thought Jack wanted to open a Vault to use its power to wipe us off Pandora. But thanks to some intel I stole from an Hyperion Convoy, I found out we were wrong. He's not going to open a Vault, he is going to control it.

The Vault Jack is looking for isn't an alien prison or a cache of weapons. It's a living thing. An ancient Eridium warrior, powerful enough to destroy all life on Pandora. Whoever awakens it, gets to control it. If we get to control the warrior first, we can use it to wipe Hyperion off the map.

There is a problem. We need the vault key to wake the Warrior, and Jack has already got it. But, if you talked to my friend, she might have told you the key needs to be charged with Eridium. We are racing against time. Every ounce of that stuff that Jack mines from the ground takes him closer to waking that warrior and wiping us out. We got to get our hands on that vault key.

Now, if anybody knows where that key is being kept, it's my spy out at Tundra Express. He is as good at gathering intel as he is drinking. So I'm sure he is sleeping out last night's booze right now. You will need to get a fire weapon to wake him up. I'll explain when you get out there.