Use this spike trap to produce some human blood to lure out a flesh-hungry borok in the mission "An Acquired Taste"

An Acquired Taste is a mission from Sir Hammerlock's Game Hunt DLC in Borderlands 2


Blood is in the air. Lure out the hungry Borok and defeat it.

Mission Types[edit]

Side Quest (Optional Mission)

Starting Location[edit]

The Aegrus Sophisticates' Lodge

Starting NPC[edit]

Sir Hammerlock


Go to lair

Perform human sacrifice

Find a volunteer (OPTIONAL OBJECTIVE)

Kill Bulstoss

Turn in: Sir Hammerlock


Hunter's Grotto

Bulstoss's Lair


This mission requires you to kill a flesh-eating Borok








Mission Briefing[edit]

I hear tales of a Borok who dines only on human flesh. You'll have to be either extremely clever or extremely suicidal to lure it out. I've marked its lair on your echo device, head there now.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

The only good flesh-eating Borok is a dead flesh-eating Borok. Or a really rare one named "Devin". He is cool.


You will have to use a lever to open a gate and go up some lift. See map below for path to take:


"X" is where you should start.

When you arrive at the lair, Sir Hammerlock tells you that you have 2 options for luring the human hungry Borok:

Lure a Savage to the lair, or,

Enter the lair yourself and have your scent attract the beast

Notice the wooden platform outside the lair. There is a lever on it that activates a Spike Trap. If you want to complete the optional objective and get some bonus XP and money, find a Savage from around and lure it to the platform, then activate the lever. Otherwise, if you are not of the patient type, just step onto the trap and have it strike you. You will take damage but you won't die, and Bulstoss will smell the scent of your blood and come out.

Kill Bulstoss and then return to Sir Hammerlock at the Lodge for your reward.