Animal Rescue: Shelter is a side mission in Borderlands 2

Quest Giver[edit]



Animal Rescue: Food


Lynchwood (Mission Start)

The Old Mine (Mission end)


Turn in: Dukino


If you give a Skag some food, he's going to want a home

Level 24

Side Mission

Optional: Yes



7978 XP

Rare Shield or Pistol (Blue)


Progress Updates[edit]

Mission Briefing[edit]

Now that the hungry skag has been properly fed, he's too big to fit in his old home. You'll have to escort him to the nearby cave, where he can have the space he needs.

Mission Debriefing[edit]


You need to escort Dukino to the old mine located to the SW of Lynchwood. Kill any enemies in your way. Use elevator to descend into the caverns. Clear the tunnels of all the lab rats.

Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats[edit]

Make sure to watch Dukino and not let the enemies kill him or you will fail this mission.

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