Antagonist from DLC4
Antagonist Shield Variant
Another Antagonist Shield Variant

The Antagonist is a seraph Shield Generator in Borderlands 2.

Introduced in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC

How to get Antagonist[edit]

Purchase from Flamerock Refuge Seraph Vendor


(Note: Actual Stats could be different based on level)

Requires: Dragon Keep

Rarity: Seraph

Capacity: 187004

Recharge Rate: 18767

Recharge Delay: 1.43

Deflection chance: 50%

Deflected Bullet Damage: 880%

Damage reduction: 49%

Value: 157,632

"I'm rubber, you're glue" (red text effect)

Deflects enemy bullets, sending them flying toward nearby enemies

Launches slag homing balls at its attackers

Manufacturer: Maliwan