An arm in Borderlands 2. You need to collect 5 of these and deliver them to Dr. Zed in the mission "Arms Dealing".

Arms Dealing is a side mission in Borderlands 2

Quest Giver[edit]

Overlook Bounty Board


Bright Lights, Flying City


Overlook (Mission Start)

The Highlands

Mercury Induction Station

Isotope Reclamation Tower

Frothing Creek Mill

Lake Shining Horizons


Go to first mailbox

Pick up arms: 0/5

Open mailboxes: 0/5

Put arms in P.O. box

Turn in: Overlook Bounty Board


If you can drive fast and not ask lot of silly questions like "Why am I doing this?" or "What is that smell?", Zed has a job for you

Collect Zed's packages in the alloted time.

Level 16

Difficulty: Trivial

Side Mission

Optional: Yes



1305 XP

Rare Relic (Blue) or uncommon shield (Green)


EXP Loader

HOT Loader

Spring Stalker

Ambush Stalker

Progress Updates[edit]

Ooh - that arm's lookin' good. He musta worked out.

That arm musta belonged to a seamstress or somethin'. You can tell from the metatarsels.

You nearly got 'em all, just keep hustlin'

Not much time left before those go bad - better hurry

Good Hustle! Just put those babies in my PO box and we'll see if that arms dealer lives up to his reputation.

Now those are some pristine limbs - well done!

Mission Briefing[edit]

Zed has placed several orders with a prominent arms dealer named Varnell. These orders have just arrived in The Highlands, and Zed needs you to pick them up before they go bad. How exactly weapons can "go bad", Zed neglected to explain.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

Since arriving on Pandora you've been mauled, shot, stabbed, and frozen... and yet, that pun hurt worst of all.


This is a timed mission. Use the Catch-A-Ride Station to spawn a Light Runner. Drive around the Highlands, collecting the arms. Drive fast. Do not engage any enemies, as it will waste time and cause you to fail the mission

Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats[edit]

Always park as close to the mailboxes as possible.

Don't use your boosters when you are crossing a bridge or turning on a curve

Avoid going in reverse/backing up whenever possible

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