Assassin Wot

Assassin Wot is a foe in Digistruct peak Challenge DLC and Assassinate the Assassins

Related Missions[edit]

A History of Simulated Violence

Assassinate the Assassins


Assassin Wot is a Marauder by enemy type. He will lob more than a few grenades at you and fire at you a good bit.

Southpaw Steam and Power:

Wot makes his appearance with a Badass Psycho. The Psycho can be led away. They do make a good combination as Wot gives ranged support to the melee based Psycho. Kill him with the Pistol is not too hard as a optional objective. Just be sure that you weaken him with something stronger first and finish him with the pistol.

Digistruct Peak:

Wot appears without any of his support. He can jump very high and moves around a good bit. Pay attention to where he is so you can have some cover from him. He is something of a break after taking on Rouf.


Head shots and fire

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