This page will hold all information on the new class mods in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC

Type Boost
Chaotic Evil Fire Rate & Critical Damage
Chaotic Good Fire Rate & Reload Speed
Chaotic Neutral Fire Rate & Magazine Size
Lawful Evil Accuracy & Critical Damage
Lawful Good Accuracy & Reload Speed
Lawful Neutral Accuracy & Magazine Size
Neutral Evil Magazine Size & Critical Damage
Neutral Good Magazine Size & Reload Speed
True Neutral Magazine Size (more than other Neutrals)
Siren Cleric - Suspension, Restoration, Life Tap
Assassin Rogue - Tw0 Fang, Vel0city, Like the Wind
Commando Ranger - Impact, Ranger, Grit
Mechromancer Necromancer - Strength of Five Gorillas, Wires Don't Talk, Made of Sterner Stuff
Psycho Barbarian - Fire Fiend, Blood Trance, Salt the Wound
Gunzerker Monk - Money Shot, Asbestos, Sexual Tyrannosaurus

Max Fire Rate/Accuracy: 33%

Max Critical Damage/Reload Speed/ Magazine Size: 45% (78% for True Neutral)

Sample Class Mods[edit]

Chaotic Good[edit]

Chaotic Good Monk Class Mod
Chaotic Good Necromancer Class Mod

Chaotic Neutral[edit]

Chaotic Neutral Barbarian Class Mod
Chaotic Neutral Necromancer Class Mod
Chaotic Neutral Ranger Class Mod

Lawful Evil[edit]

Lawful Evil Barbarian Class Mod
Lawful Evil Cleric Class Mod
Lawful Evil Ranger Class Mod

Lawful Good[edit]

Lawful Good Barbarian Class Mod
Lawful Good Monk Class Mod

Neutral Evil[edit]

Neutral Evil Cleric Class Mod
Neutral Evil Necromancer Class Mod
Neutral Evil Ranger Class Mod
Neutral Evil Rogue Class Mod

Neutral Good[edit]

Neutral Good Monk Class Mod
Neutral Good Rogue Class Mod

True Neutral[edit]

True Neutral Barbarian Class Mod
True Neutral Cleric Class Mod
True Neutral Monk Class Mod
True Neutral Necromancer Class Mod
True Neutral Ranger Class Mod
True Neutral Rogue Class Mod

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