Claptrap wants you to turn in the Bullymong Hair to him instead. Will you give Bullymong Hair to Sir Hammerlock or Claptrap in the mission, Bad Hair Day?

Bad Hair Day is a side mission in Borderlands 2

Quest Giver[edit]

Sir Hammerlock


Cleaning Up the Berg

This Town Ain't Big Enough


Liar's Berg (Mission Start)

Gateway Harbor


Pick up Bullymong Hair 0/4

Return to Sir Hammerlock


Return to Claptrap


Style is everything. Do you see my hat? It is the hat of a gentleman. and yet, it's missing something - some je ne sais quois, I think some Bullymong Fur might do the trick. If you could bring me some. To harvest Bullymong Fur, you'll need to rip it from their hides with your bare hands - just weaken a Bullymong with gunfire, then finish him off with fisticuffs!

Collect Bulllymong Fur

Level 5

Difficulty: Tough

Side Mission

Optional: Yes



362 XP

Uncommon Shotgun (Green) (Claptrap)


Uncommon Sniper Rifle (Green)(Sir Hammerlock)



Adult Bullymong

Bullymong Slinger

Progress Updates[edit]

"The Bullymong is injured - now deliver the coup de grace with your melee weapon!"

"A Stunning riposte! Now collect the fur - in addition to making for spectacular hat decoration, I shall study the fur for my almanac about the creatures of Pandora"

"I apologize I wasn't clear enough - you see, you'll need to kill the Bullymong with a melee attack in order to harvest its fur. Sure, you could try to steal the fur from a Bullymong's dead body, but where's the fun in that? Blatantly unreasonable requests, ho!"

"That Sample will do admirably! Find me a few more, if you please."

Claptrap and Hammerlock fight over the hair[edit]

Claptrap: Ooh, are you collecting Bullymong fur? I LOVE that stuff! It's soft, warm, and really good at absorbing robot tears! Once you're done collecting all the fur, why doncha bring it to me instead of Hammerlock

Hammerlock: I overheard Claptrap asking you for the Bullymong fur you are collecting. As I fear he would do something irredeemably stupid with it, like make a mohawk out of it or something, let me sweeten the deal: If you bring me the fur, I shall give you one of my finest sniper rifles.

Claptrap: So Hammerlock wants to give you a sniper rifle? I laugh at his offer! HA! If you bring ME the fur, I'll give you a badass shotgun I found in the hands of a dead Vault Hunter!"

Hammerlock: Wonderful! You've gotten all the fur I need. Bring it to me and my sniper rifle shall be yours

Claptrap: Screw that noise - bring ME the fur, and I'll give you a shotgun!

Mission Briefing[edit]

Sir Hammerlock asked you to find some Bullymong hair so he may decorate his hat with it. In order to collect hair from the Bullymongs, you will have to weaken them with gunfire, then finish them off with a melee attack.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

The fur has been delivered and you received a new weapon! A good day for everyone! Except the bullymongs, but screw those guys.


Go to the Gateway Harbor area of the Southern Shelf. It is to the west. There should be many Bullymongs in the area. Collect the 4 Bullymong Hair you need.

Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats[edit]

You need to weaken the Bullymongs with guns, but then kill them using melee.

Give Hair to Claptrap or Hammerlock?[edit]

The Sniper Rifle offered by Sir Hammerlock is a better reward, but giving the hair to Claptrap yields a funnier result (see: Mohawk Claptrap)