Scooter, one of the NPCs you have to tell about Roland's death.

Bearer of Bad News is a side mission in Borderlands 2

Quest Giver[edit]



Where Angels Fear to Tread




Talk to Scooter

Talk to Marcus

Talk to Moxxi

Talk to Zed

Talk to Tannis

Talk to Brick

Turn in: Mordecai

Open Roland's Armory

Open Armory Chest


Roland's Friends need to know what happened to him

Level 25

Side Mission

Optional Mission



2858 XP

Rare Assault Rifle (Blue): Scorpio


Progress Updates[edit]

"The Folks of Sanctuary don't know about Roland. Almost none of them would still be alive if it weren't for him, so... you might wanna let 'em know." (Mordecai, start of mission)

"I Tell ya, man. I'll never forget that time Roland an' all them jumped over Piss Wash Gully. Them's was some good times. Hell man, now I'm sad. Is this what sad feels like? You kill the crap outta Jack, you hear?" (Scooter, after hearing what happened to Roland)

"Roland's.. dead? Oh. Me and him didn't see eye to eye most of the time - he never liked how I sold guns to the bandits. But I would have died in New Haven if it weren't for him. He was a... he was a good man." (Marcus, upon hearing the bad news)

"Jack killed Roland? Son of a bitch... he helped me take care of Mister Shank, and unlike... well, damn near everyone around here, he always behaved like a gentleman. I don't... I don't know what to say. Dammit, am I crying?" (Moxxi does not take the news too well)

"Roland's dead? Oh, God... I remember the first time we met. I healed him up after he killed some of Nine-Toes's men. He seemed nice enough. Quite, But Uh...damn. I'm uh - I'm Sorry he deserved better" (Dr. Zed After hearing about Roland's Death)

"Had Roland not forced me to relocate to Sanctuary, I Would not be alive today. I am unpleasantly surprised to find that I am... sorry that Roland is dead" (Tannis)

"Mordecai told me what happened to Roland. So here's what we do. We bury Roland, we save this planet, and we kill Jack, his associates, his friends, his FAMILY - EVERYONE HE'S EVER MET! WE SKIN 'EM WITH THEIR OWN GODDAMN TEETH! I'm sorry. We went our separate ways a few years back, but Roland was my friend. And nobody - NOBODY - hurts my friends." (Brick is enraged upon hearing about Roland's Death)

"I'm sorry to bum you out like that, but somebody needed to tell'em. I've transmitted the code to Roland's armory to your ECHO device - if anyone deserves what's in there, it oughtta be the badass who's gonna avenge him." (Mordecai, after you have told everyone).

"Dont' let this all be for nothin, amigo. Find Jack. Kill Jack" (Mordecai, after you have completed the quest)

Mission Briefing[edit]

Handsome Jack murdered Roland. His friends, both within the Sanctuary and outside, have not yet been notified. Mordecai has asked you to break the news to them.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

Though Roland's friends mourn his death, they are united in the same desire: that you will avenge the hell out of him.


Make sure mission is active so that it shows you the locations of all the NPCs you need.

Speak with Scooter in his mechanic's shop

Speak with Marcus in his Gun Store.

Speak with Moxxi in Moxxxis

Speak with Dr. Zed in Dr. Zed's Meds

Speak with Tannis in Crimson Raiders HQ.

Speak with Brick in Crimson Raiders HQ

Then go down the stairs and open the gate to the armory and loot the red Dahl chest. Then turn in the quest to Mordecai.

Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats[edit]

The order in which you speak to the NPCs does not matter.

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