Blow up the village's Scouting Blimps with a fire weapon. Because -- REASONS!

"Because -- REASONS!" is the reason Torgue gives you to blow up the village's Scouting Blimps in the quest A Role-Playing Game in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC

This phrase can be used whenever you don't know the reasons to something or when you just don't want to answer



Torgue takes no responsibility for the consequences... except when it results in EXPLOSIONS

Example 1:

Mom: "Why is your room in such a mess?"

Son: "Because -- REASONS!"

Example 2:

Professor: "Why didn't you do the homework?"

Student: "Because -- REASONS!"

Example 3:

Boss: "Why were you late for work today?"

Employee: "Because -- REASONS!"

Example 4:

Secretary of Defense: "Mr. President, why did you give the order to launch the nukes?"

President: "Because -- REASONS!"

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