Befriend enemies, just kidding, kill them

"Befriend enemies just kidding kill them" is an objective in the quest A History of Simulated Violence in Digistruct peak Challenge DLC

Optional Objective[edit]

Pick up Snow Onions 0/5


Head on through to Head Shot Headquarters. Head over to the right to start fighting all the Bandits that start appearing. You will be dealing with Marauders, Blaster Nomads, Nomands, Maniacs

You will gain an optional objective to pick the Snow Onions if you head to the West and into Obliteration Station. There you will find numerous Marauders coming after you. Head deeper in (or to the West to the Garden of Murder and you will be facing more Blaster Nomads. Furtyher on you start to find Cannibal Rats you need to deal with.

As you near the end of this conflict, you will be facing Marauders, and at least 1 more SPR-TNK. Defeat them all and continue to the South to make it into Decimation Destination.

Once in there you will encounter more Horned Skags. They are followed by some Nomads and Maniacs then more Horned Skags and 2 Badass Marauders. Head on over to the South and then start up the stairs you find there.

At the top of the stairs you have even more foes to deal with. There are more Marauders for you to kill plus a few Maniacs and a Blaster Nomad. Just deal with them then press onto the West on this rampart to move on forward. This leads to the final area: The Colosseum of Laceration.

The Colosseum is near the end of the course. It starts simply with a mix of skags, Rabid and Spitters. After them come bandits: Nomads, Maniacs and Cannibal Rats.

At this point this get hard as you will now be facing the Assassins from Southpaw Steam & Power. First is Assassin Reeth. Use ocver and keep on the move to avcoid his thrown axes and leap attacks.

After him is Assassin Rouf. This Rat-type enemy will be running around and attacking with his shotgun. It helps to keep him as a distance as much as possible (or just charge in there) to cut the damage from him. He is very fast so keep on the move.

Next is Assassin Wot. He will jump around and take cover against you. Return the favor and it should not be too hard to take him down. He is a nice break after Rouf.

The final foe is Assassin Oney. This is the hardest of the 4 Assassins as he will rush you and in general be a nuisance.

Defeat the assassins and, if you are level 72, it will unlock the Overpowered Enemy feature.

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