Best Friends Forever is one of Gaige's Skill Trees in Borderlands 2.



List of Skills[edit]

Tier 1[edit]

Close Enough

Cooking Up Trouble

Tier 2[edit]

Fancy Mathematics

Buck Up

The Better Half

Tier 3[edit]

Potent as a Pony

Upshot Robot

Unstoppable Force

Tier 4[edit]

Explosive Clap

Made of Sterner Stuff

Tier 5[edit]

20% Cooler

Tier 6[edit]

Sharing is Caring

Girlfriend Skill Tree (Girlfriend Mode)[edit]

This tree is easy for new players and as such has also been referred to as the "Girlfriend Tree" meaning you can have your girlfriend or other friend who is not a gamer but still wants to game with you use this tree since it is pretty easy to use.