Best Mother's Day Ever
Best Mother's Day Ever

"Best Mother's Day Ever" is a side quest in Borderlands 2

Mission Type[edit]

Sidequest (Optional Mission)

Start location[edit]

The Highlands

How to start[edit]

A random drop mission from a Stalker after you complete Stalker of Stalkers. You will find this item: Taggart's Gift for Mom


The Highlands


Grab the lock box that drops. You now need to find Henry's Lair. This is found in Hunter's Bane by Overlook. Head over there and go into the lair. You have 6 Stalkers that will come after you. Take them out then Henry will appear. Take her out with a barrage of shock and fire. She will drop Taggart's Fist. Head to the marked location and place the box where shown. After that interact with it to place Taggart's Fist on the box and open it.

TURN IN: Taggart's Gift for Mom


The shield Love Thumper and XP

Mission Briefing[edit]


Mission Debriefing[edit]

Oedipus complex, schmoedipus schmomplex.