Make it to the Beatdown. Burn, Baby, Burn is a mission in Campaign of Carnage

NOTE: For the skill with the same name, see - Borderlands 2: Burn Baby Burn Skill

Burn Baby Burn is a mission from the Mister Torgue's Campaign of Carnage DLC in Borderlands 2


The Beatdown

Pyro Pete's Bar


Leave Arena

Reach The Beatdown

Navigate through The Beatdown

Reach Pyro Pete's Battle Board

Turn in: Pyro Pete's Battle Board


You're being betrayed, but what else is new.

You've survived the Appetite for Destruction and are now the 5th biggest badass in the tournament. Your sponsor, Piston rewarded your hard work with a weapon chest.

An empty weapon chest

Something in the air smells funny, and not just metaphorically. You're being betrayed. But what else is new. Survive whatever is thrown at you for you to get payback later.

Pison has betrayed you. He drugged you, had you taken out of the arena and convinced everyone you ran away like a coward.

Unfortunately, since he was also your sponsor, you are currently unable to rise up in the leaderboards. Mister Torgue has suggested that you head to The Beatdown and find a new sponsor there.

As it turns out, a gladiator named Pyro Pete has kidnapped the sponsor you've been looking for. Find Pete, and find out how to release his sponsor.

"You're gonna need a new sponsor if you wanna stay in the tournament. Get to The Beatdown!"


Experience, Money, and green assault rifle (Carbine)


Burner Rioter

Burner Biker

Bike Rioter

Road Gunner

Burner Bruiser

Burner Enforcer

Bike Gremlin

Mission Briefing[edit]

Find the Battle Board in Pyro Pete's Bar to pick some fights for Pete.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

Pyro Pete will release the sponsor he's kidnapped but only if you make it worth his while.

Previous Mission[edit]

Battle: Appetite for Destruction

Next Mission[edit]

Battle: Bar Room Blitz

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