Head's up! This guide may contain spoilers though we've tried to avoid them. Also, many of the chest have pictures where they are opened so you can get an idea of what level gear they contain. This was done on playthrough 1 in most cases.

A chest in Bloodwing's Room in Borderlands 2


Southern Shelf[edit]

Second area of the game. Treasure Map: http://i.imgur.com/S5rgmHz.png (Mostly accurate)

Outhouse #1[edit]

Exit the town through the gate and jump down the cliff to your left. Head left towards the bandit camp with the fuse box. Near the fuse box is an outhouse.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/TyiicTF.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/rWnLkCW.jpg
Area Overview: http://imgur.com/YQra0uT,gs7ofBh,k9psoDu,SadGIji,PCyvh92,aRr5peB,E1AFLyc,9E4Z5FD
Opened Chest (PT1): http://imgur.com/YQra0uT,gs7ofBh,k9psoDu,SadGIji,PCyvh92,aRr5peB,E1AFLyc,9E4Z5FD#3

White Chest #1[edit]

At the bandit structure just before you get to ===Outhouse #1===. After you've put the fuse in the elevator for the mission "Shielded Favors", ride the elevator up and enter the room at the top. Exit through the backdoor. Directly above you is a chest. Turn around and face the building. On the left side of the building is a cat walk. Walk up it and jump onto the roof. Then walk back towards the backdoor and look over the edge of the roof. There is a place to drop down where the chest is. You can also turn around on the cat walk and jump directly to the chest. Either way you go the jump can be tricky.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/lmHZqbE.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/CK917xY.jpg
Area Overview: http://imgur.com/YQra0uT,gs7ofBh,k9psoDu,SadGIji,PCyvh92,aRr5peB,E1AFLyc,9E4Z5FD#1
Opened Chest: http://imgur.com/YQra0uT,gs7ofBh,k9psoDu,SadGIji,PCyvh92,aRr5peB,E1AFLyc,9E4Z5FD#2
Video (0:13): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-FwOzV4PyQ?t=13s

Red Chest #1[edit]

Head towards Bewm Boom but follow the ice shelf to the large, vast area that is well out of the way. You'll know what I mean. At the end of it is a ship with a red chest on it.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/sbaT64Q.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/2KBjbG3.jpg
Path 1: http://imgur.com/YQra0uT,gs7ofBh,k9psoDu,SadGIji,PCyvh92,aRr5peB,E1AFLyc,9E4Z5FD#4
Path 2: http://imgur.com/YQra0uT,gs7ofBh,k9psoDu,SadGIji,PCyvh92,aRr5peB,E1AFLyc,9E4Z5FD#5
Opened Chest: http://imgur.com/YQra0uT,gs7ofBh,k9psoDu,SadGIji,PCyvh92,aRr5peB,E1AFLyc,9E4Z5FD#7
Video (0:52): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-FwOzV4PyQ?t=52s

White Chest #2[edit]

Head towards Bewm Boom. When you enter the bandit camp, go up the stairs and then the ladder. Turn left and jump to the roof with the white chest.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/LmuXtsu.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/4CzuRPt.jpg
Path 1: http://imgur.com/BhhtpVJ
Path 2: http://imgur.com/kqPmXhB
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/EvYIyhf
Video (1:03): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-FwOzV4PyQ?t=1m3s

Red Chest #2[edit]

Cross the bridge and jump down, but turn around, call the elevator up and stay off it, and turn right into the small room. There is a well-hidden red chest here.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/p6nXfrb.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/WTvC9k2.jpg
Video (1:33): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-FwOzV4PyQ?t=1m33s

Outhouse #2[edit]

Continue toward the Bewm Boom turret. Walk past it on the right side. Just past the turret is a structure with an outhouse in front of it.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/EbpMHv9.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/CaIRpz3.jpg
Path 1: http://imgur.com/ZIDrdHt
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/yPs9Ci3

White Chest #3[edit]

Continue onward to the bandit camp/Flynt's ship. Enter the first gate, and before you go through the second gate, look to your left. There should be a small structure with a large skull hanging and a white chest under it.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/e9R8Bpx.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/wWs6odz.jpg
Path 1: http://imgur.com/mSMxUZt
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/cbAdYah
Video (2:09): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-FwOzV4PyQ?t=2m9s

Outhouse #3[edit]

Pass the second gate and look to your right. In between the bandit huts is an outhouse.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/TUL4UET.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/SKYi03b.jpg
Path 1: http://imgur.com/j3qVtX3
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/orI5wSj

White Chest #4[edit]

Continue until you get to a Med Vendor. Go up the stairs and to your left is a white chest that is difficult to miss.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/gG9cuRU.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/we7Wz6D.jpg
Video (2:27): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-FwOzV4PyQ?t=2m27s

Red Chest #3[edit]

After the med vendor continue along the path through the crate. If you continue on the path you will walk under a bridge, and encounter another group of enemies. Get to the bridge and walk across. There is a roof slightly below and to the right side of the bridge with a red chest on it.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/lSJCV6K.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/k41rFeY.jpg
Path 1: http://imgur.com/Pk5FPC2
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/XGoKV47
Video (2:41): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-FwOzV4PyQ?t=2m41s

White Chest #5[edit]

Go around the bend where you rescue claptrap from the 3 bandits. If you keep going forward....like...a lot. Over this icy area you'd normally ignore, there is a well hidden chest.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/70gg8FP.jpg
Map: http://i.imgur.com/qZb0Tzi.jpg
Path 1: http://imgur.com/zaQ3LRW
Path 2: http://imgur.com/QZW5MlK
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/RxJe0rt
Video (3:24): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-FwOzV4PyQ?t=3m24s

White Chest #6[edit]

Continue through the camp and ascend the first set of stairs. Then continue and go up the second set of stairs and take a right, and then another right into the building with all the beds. There is a white chest here.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/qvsyDcq.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/0vhQvdi.jpg
Path 1: http://imgur.com/MJte3Ea
Path 2: http://imgur.com/AOZynIB
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/g45NJDR
Video (3:51): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-FwOzV4PyQ?t=3m51s

Outhouse #4[edit]

Kill as many enemies as possible here and eventually, before the ramp leading up to Flynt, a wall should fall over and bandit reinforcements will come out of the storage containers. In this area is an outhouse.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/pFbml2s.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/C8qXGYy.jpg
Path 1 (includes path for next chest marked): http://imgur.com/80h5MaH
Path 2: http://imgur.com/0fTcpUc
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/K6hZ1GS

White Chest #7[edit]

After getting outhouse 4, you head out of this little cove with all the bandits and toilets and so forth, and start heading up the ramp towards Flynt. BUT before you turn around the bend turn backwards. You can jump into the room ABOVE outhouse #4 that you just fought in. Go to the far end and you'll see that if you make several jumps you can get to the other end. There is a white chest along with a cult of the vault symbol!

Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/dNMIKfg.jpg
Path 1: http://imgur.com/80h5MaH
Path 2: http://imgur.com/VJ0cSWv
Path 3: http://imgur.com/P3rzWJx
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/WXxUeQi
Video (4:22): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-FwOzV4PyQ?t=4m22s

Red Chest #4[edit]

After killing Flynt, there is a red chest behind the garage door that claptrap opens. Very difficult to miss, its placement makes it obvious the player was just given this chest.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/eN5uEhT.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/M027nGW.jpg
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/WXxUeQi
Path 1: http://imgur.com/TBn76ka
Video (5:00): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-FwOzV4PyQ?t=5m

Southern Shelf Bay[edit]

This is a pretty good area for farming for your lower leveled characters. I suppose this'll be part of my farming guide when I make that, but I figured I'd post this since I decided to run through the area searching for chests. Hope this helps. As far as I know these are all the chests in the area. Let me know if there are any I missed.

White Chest #1[edit]

Instead of heading toward the bay area where all the boats are harbored, head along the ice shelf on the right and follow it until you get to a large area with bullymongs at the end. You'll have met a new-u on the way there. Make your way up the ice shelf until you get to a small building with a white chest next to it.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/YeDxn.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/NL9ir.jpg
Path 1: http://imgur.com/QItBF3s,xvNYCZ4,7oGtlBR,HPCaQ8G,mOXIknG,Zb5Z2m5,vpoe7J7,Itcla7E,0Idxp1J,Lqku0g3
Video (0:04): http://youtu.be/JqBXbSbz4TY?t=4s

Outhouse #1[edit]

Look toward the bay. Off in the distance are several boats leading up to one big one. If you think you have the health and shields to jump down and make it there, do so; tip: dash and jump repeatedly instead of just running through. You'll take less damage. Some of the boats have a low platform you can jump onto to make it onto the boats. Find one of these and hop on. Fight your way through the bandits to get to the large ship. On the left side of the deck is an outhouse.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/g0tjE.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/ibl5k.jpg
Path 1: http://imgur.com/QItBF3s,xvNYCZ4,7oGtlBR,HPCaQ8G,mOXIknG,Zb5Z2m5,vpoe7J7,Itcla7E,0Idxp1J,Lqku0g3#7
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/QItBF3s,xvNYCZ4,7oGtlBR,HPCaQ8G,mOXIknG,Zb5Z2m5,vpoe7J7,Itcla7E,0Idxp1J,Lqku0g3#8

Trunk #1[edit]

On the same boat, find a ladder on the right side of the deck and climb up. There is a trunk containing some loot up here.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/Y16f3.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/MXieS.jpg
Path 1: http://imgur.com/QItBF3s,xvNYCZ4,7oGtlBR,HPCaQ8G,mOXIknG,Zb5Z2m5,vpoe7J7,Itcla7E,0Idxp1J,Lqku0g3#7
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/QItBF3s,xvNYCZ4,7oGtlBR,HPCaQ8G,mOXIknG,Zb5Z2m5,vpoe7J7,Itcla7E,0Idxp1J,Lqku0g3#9
Video (0:11): http://youtu.be/JqBXbSbz4TY?t=11s

Outhouse #2[edit]

Make your way through the chain of boats back onto the boardwalk area. Follow the path towards the stairs that go up and on your left you should see an outhouse along the way.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/GSU4l.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/UOBTt.jpg
Path 1: http://imgur.com/QItBF3s,xvNYCZ4,7oGtlBR,HPCaQ8G,mOXIknG,Zb5Z2m5,vpoe7J7,Itcla7E,0Idxp1J,Lqku0g3#1

White Chest #2[edit]

Go up the stairs and follow it but go down the next staircase you see. Follow this area through and there is a white chest at the end.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/13cZR.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/advK4.jpg
Path 1: http://imgur.com/QItBF3s,xvNYCZ4,7oGtlBR,HPCaQ8G,mOXIknG,Zb5Z2m5,vpoe7J7,Itcla7E,0Idxp1J,Lqku0g3#4
Path 2: http://imgur.com/QItBF3s,xvNYCZ4,7oGtlBR,HPCaQ8G,mOXIknG,Zb5Z2m5,vpoe7J7,Itcla7E,0Idxp1J,Lqku0g3#5
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/QItBF3s,xvNYCZ4,7oGtlBR,HPCaQ8G,mOXIknG,Zb5Z2m5,vpoe7J7,Itcla7E,0Idxp1J,Lqku0g3#6
Video (0:26): http://youtu.be/JqBXbSbz4TY?t=26s

Outhouse #3[edit]

Go back up the stairs and follow the path you would normally take to go up to the building that Midgemong breaks out of, but instead of turning and going up the stairs, at the end of the area is an outhouse.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/VUZEb.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/0Mpkq.jpg
Path 1: http://imgur.com/QItBF3s,xvNYCZ4,7oGtlBR,HPCaQ8G,mOXIknG,Zb5Z2m5,vpoe7J7,Itcla7E,0Idxp1J,Lqku0g3#2
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/QItBF3s,xvNYCZ4,7oGtlBR,HPCaQ8G,mOXIknG,Zb5Z2m5,vpoe7J7,Itcla7E,0Idxp1J,Lqku0g3#3

Trunk #2[edit]

Enter the building Midgemong dashed out of. Behind the counter is a trunk containing loot, but also be warned that, the last time I went there, some badass enemies pop out of the door on the right. There is also a weapons vendor here to buy stuff from and possibly sell any excess loot.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/c3lua.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/j9c78.jpg
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/a2Z5naL
Video (0:40): http://youtu.be/JqBXbSbz4TY?t=40s

Three Horns Divide[edit]

After you defeat Captain Flynt in Southern Bay, you take Claptrap's ship to Three Horns Divide!

White Chest #1[edit]

In the main story quest, you will have to enter the bandit camp (Fishguts camp?) near the Catch a ride station. On the far left side, out on a dock is a white chesst.

Path 1: http://imgur.com/1gWbv2t
Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/RXikUY7
Map Picture: http://imgur.com/Z2KkOM6
Video (0:01): http://youtu.be/vt9TBFTK_pc?t=1s

Outhouse #1[edit]

After getting white chest 1, look in the direction of where you pick up the adapter for the main story quest (to get the catch-a-ride working). If you climb up some snow just past/behind the camp, there is a very well hidden outhouse. Usually has slightly higher level gear.

Path 1: http://imgur.com/puyhIYX
Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/YW860Fd
Map Picture: http://imgur.com/GpgIApi

White Chest #2[edit]

Now that you have the catch-a-ride, you jump over the bridge that got bombed as you walked into the area. Usually after you jump this, you go through the icy tunnel caves (Ice Fields or something?). Instead, just go forward towards the pipes and so forth. You can climb your way on top for a white chest!

Path 1: http://imgur.com/30xkEaf
Path 2: http://imgur.com/I5d48cW
Path 3: http://imgur.com/7GAwA8Y
Path 4: http://imgur.com/OBR5xYC
Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/CE42pDv
Map Picture: http://imgur.com/eTiwZVG
Video (0:23): http://youtu.be/vt9TBFTK_pc?t=23s

White Chest #3[edit]

On your way from Sanctuary to find corporal Reiss (or more accurately, the echo recorder he dropped), you will pass a small encampment built into the cliffs on the right. Go in and waste the enemies and eventually a badass or some enemy will come out of the highest hut. Inside is a white chest!

Path 1: http://imgur.com/mw4ArPa It's in that glowing orange hut after a badass comes out!
Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/pWeTA0F
Map Picture: http://imgur.com/X5lndWX
Video (1:05): http://youtu.be/vt9TBFTK_pc?t=1m5s

White Chest #4[edit]

Next with the main story quest, you will have to find Corporal Reiss in the Marrowfields and kill his 3 attackers. Normally, you'd just leave to go find the power core but instead, just go a little farther past and you can climb your way up to another white chest!

Path 1: http://imgur.com/rsPiYxy
Path 2: http://imgur.com/2W3IHxl
Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/s6z1pWE
Map Picture: http://imgur.com/QTbGPI5
Video (1:20): http://youtu.be/vt9TBFTK_pc?t=1m20s

Trunk #1[edit]

Next, when you actually go to find the power core in the big bandit camp, you may notice a trunk at the top of the camp. You can climb up the left or right stairs to get to it. It's not particularly challenging except that you may need to fight off all the bandits to get to it.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/wwEm5fS
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/XO64QRN
From the Ground: http://imgur.com/Z34HKzf (It's just under the crosshair.)
Map Picture: http://imgur.com/oJwtK63
Video (1:37): http://youtu.be/vt9TBFTK_pc?t=1m37s

White Chest #5[edit]

Later on, you'll have to get to Frostburn Canyon as part of the main story. But if you just walk past it (and kill some Bullymongs), you'll find another white chest. It is perhaps worth noting that this is above (looking down on) white chest #2!

Path 1: http://imgur.com/jrVmZHn
Path 2: http://imgur.com/DGDiI79
Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/f3TRDs5
Map Picture: http://imgur.com/jNh9WzP
Video (1:54): http://youtu.be/vt9TBFTK_pc?t=1m54s

White Chest #6[edit]

Between the entrance to Frostburn Canyon and chest #6, you can jump across the chasm into the icy tunnels you drove through earlier. There is a teeny tiny bandit camp, and if you kill them, you can have their white chest. SCORE. (It is perhaps worth noting that if you go behind their camp a little further, you could jump down to white chest #4.)

Path 1: http://imgur.com/Nlpl1cF
Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/M1sheHe
Map Picture: http://imgur.com/s2PDWZv
Video (2:14): http://youtu.be/vt9TBFTK_pc?t=2m14s

White Chest #7[edit]

The last two are in the Dry Docks which you can technically avoid unless you're doing that one side quest with winter hats and claptrap whining or something. Anyway, this one you will go up some stairs somewhere on the left side and climb around and whatevz, you'll figure it out. :P

Path 1: http://imgur.com/yAwbZhz
Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/A5IfB1U
Map Picture: http://imgur.com/QzI4toh
Video (2:35): http://youtu.be/vt9TBFTK_pc?t=2m35s

Red Chest #1[edit]

Also in the drydocks. If you fight your way to the back right of the camp, just follow the stairs up to find it.

Path 1: http://imgur.com/irCxKq3
Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/nYwrUty
Map Picture: http://imgur.com/rlMLT7v
Video (2:50): http://youtu.be/vt9TBFTK_pc?t=2m50s

Outhouse #2[edit]

In the drydocks, at the top left corner you'll find a small alcove. There's an outhouse there that can be looted. White Chest #7 can be seen in the distance.

Path 1: http://imgur.com/aRzgHAp
Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/ZT6TCVi
Map Picture: http://imgur.com/xcE3l3K


Golden Chest[edit]

The Gold Chest is located in Pierce Station. You need Golden Keys to open this one. You get golden keys by using Shift Codes.

See here for more details: Borderlands 2: Golden Key

Chest picture: Golden Loot Chest
Map Location: Pierce Station in Sanctuary (Map)

Roland's Armory Chest[edit]

Dahl Chest inside Roland's Armory in Crimson Raiders HQ

Can only be accessed during the quest: Bearer of Bad News

Chest Picture: Roland's Armory Chest

FrostBurn Canyon[edit]

Okay, the map on this are always confused the heck out of me. So. I'll try to use a lot of pictures. But honestly, this area sucks, you'll have to hunt around if you want them! (Or go watch a Youtube video and just check here to see if they missed any.)

White Chest #1[edit]

Okay as you spawn in the area you'll pass some vending machines. For the main story you'd normally go right...but for our first chest, you're going to go left (which puts you going uphill at some bandits). Waste the bandits and keep going and you'll find this kind of frozen lake area. Go past that and you'll find "Frozen Ant Lake" or some shit like that. I think there is some quest here involving a Spycho later in the game? Anyway, turn to your left and you'll see some giant stair apparatus type....thing. There is a chest underneath.

Path 1: http://imgur.com/sBZUYui
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/Dl7A5yG
Map: http://imgur.com/Wo2oRQE

White Chest #2[edit]

Go up the stairs you found white chest #1 underneath. You'll see an electrified hut with red chest #1 coming up in a second. To get this red chest, you'll need to shut off a fuse box and we'll find white chest #2 along the way. So basically, as you're looking at the hut turn to the right and find the little bridge thing and our chest is pretty obvious!

Path 1: http://imgur.com/fkL24n0
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/lJWyx9I
Map: http://imgur.com/P5NCEeJ

Red Chest #1[edit]

So we just saw that electrified hut coming up those stairs from chest 1, right? Well, just past White Chest #2 is a fuse box on the side of a building. Flip the switch or shoot it or whatever and go back for the red chest inside of that now NOT electrified hut. :)

Electrified Hut: http://imgur.com/IWbfCTc
Fuse Box Location: http://imgur.com/fkL24n0
View of Fuse Box: http://imgur.com/AeqbOOS
Non-Electrified Hut: http://imgur.com/zeqcGfU
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/FSik7Co
Map: http://imgur.com/JJmAals

Red Chest #2[edit]

So as you came up the stairs and faced the hut with red chest 1...just keep going. You'll find a bunch of bandit camps wrapping around the left. Fight your way through and you'll find a red chest sitting on the edge, just above the vending machines where you came in!

Path: http://imgur.com/qvpj60X
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/bl5xOrL
Map: http://imgur.com/DFgP8cy

White Chest #3[edit]

Okay so going back to when we spawn in by the vending machines...this time instead of going left, head right like you would for the main story. There's obviously that GIANT bandit camp. Maybe sometimes you just fight the entrance and go to the cave to follow the Bloodshot signs? Not today son! Fight all the way to the back for a couple chests. One is on top of building (you can find a ladder inside to get to it.)

View from Chest: http://imgur.com/YGW6J4f
Map: http://imgur.com/I1asYAM
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/Op7iqiQ

White Chest #4[edit]

Nearby the last chest is a sort of treehouse-esque building. Simply climb the ladder to find the chest.

Map: http://imgur.com/F5JMObp
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/BSc7yZZ
Path: http://imgur.com/tahQEOA

White Chest #5[edit]

Alright so you killed those bandits in that camp. Now to the cave, where you need to go for the main story. As you come in you'll pass a New-U station (auto save). Right next to this is a very easy to miss tunnel leading to a vault symbol and white chest 5! You can see white chest chest 3 in the distance, as this is actually just above the last bandit camp.

View down to wc3: http://imgur.com/sKo1BRo
Map: http://imgur.com/yF646OV
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/7KMbeCV
Path: http://imgur.com/15GBons

Red Chest #3[edit]

My mind was blown when I found this sucker (read: youtube video showed it to me). Can't believe I'd never noticed this despite walking right under it. Anyway, as you come out all of the caves following the story quest (just after you have to kill those scripted two badass psychos...), you'll see some pipes overhead. There is a chest up there!

Open Chest: http://imgur.com/dWpSQF6
Map: http://imgur.com/oQWxgrV
Path: http://imgur.com/Wb4XAyn

White Chest #6[edit]

Continuing on, hug the left wall (staying up top). There is a chest hidden around the corner to the left.

Open Chest: http://imgur.com/dsrpxYq
Map: http://imgur.com/mRokwBJ
Path: http://imgur.com/VTOi8ii

White Chest #7[edit]

Okay, as you go down, just to the left of that big firepit thing (it's part of a side quest later), behind a hut or tee pee or something, I forget, is a chest and a ton of little safes.

Open Chest: http://imgur.com/CW4sQT9
Map: http://imgur.com/Y8GovUw
Path: http://imgur.com/nSHzapN

Red Chest #4[edit]

So after you meet the Firehawk in the main story quest and get teleported out, it's on your way. It's impossible to play the game and miss this chest.

View: http://imgur.com/CL8v2Dw
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/fCrKxws
Map: http://imgur.com/xkptK3v

Three Horns Valley[edit]

After learning something from the Firehawk, you'll want to get to the Bloodshot Stronghold which means going through Three Horns Valley. (There are two entrances to this area from Three Horns Divide.)

White Chest #1[edit]

The entrance to Southpaw Steam and Power has a chest. The safest way to get it starts from just outside the entrance. Instead of walking inside, climb up some boxes to a big ladder. Climb the ladder and you'll be on a walkway on top of the rim of the encampment. Walk around and pretty soon you'll see the white chest below!

Start Path: http://imgur.com/UWKN5cm
End Path: http://imgur.com/NZokTEO
Map: http://imgur.com/jdtQtvb
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/blpMXhF

White Chest #2[edit]

All the remaining chests are in Split Skull Bay where that mail deliver quest takes place. If you park your car on the left (as you face outside the map), there is a white chest above you. You COULD walk around and get to it via some stairs, but why not be SO PRO and climb the rocks and ledge to get it before you encounter any bandits?

Chest: http://imgur.com/tY4h36r
Map: http://imgur.com/AvQuqCV
Path: http://imgur.com/pIhxXad

Outhouse #1[edit]

On the docks in Split Skull Bay.

Area: http://imgur.com/bks2Gv4
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/ixL3sgD
Map: http://imgur.com/G8hb3UD

Outhouse #2[edit]

On the docks out by a boat on the far side of the camp... in Split Skull Bay

Path: http://imgur.com/PAMKyhw
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/7xzPaJi
Map: http://imgur.com/NyaD7dv

Outhouse #3[edit]

On the ground floor in the center of Split Skull Bay.

Path: http://imgur.com/Bfgx3f0
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/NGWhLEy
Map: http://imgur.com/vPh5WDW

Trunk #1[edit]

Climb some stairs near outhouse #3 and follow the top level around.

Path: http://imgur.com/pl7fzMd
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/xR72cyj
Map: http://imgur.com/MRFUrC4

White Chest #3[edit]

Go all the way to end of the camp and follow the stairs up.

Path: http://imgur.com/WpiKdcS
Chest: http://imgur.com/UoItXQw
Map: http://imgur.com/BMkPHhp

Southpaw Steam and Power[edit]

There are four Assassins here that all have a higher chance of dropping the Emporer, correct? It's a small area so knowing the chests wouldn't hurt while farming these guys.

White Chest #1[edit]

After reaching the second New-U, after Oney and down the stairs, there is a white chest on your right.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/WxdeP
Map Location: http://imgur.com/jLtoA

Red Chest #1[edit]

After the second assassin, to the right of the New-U Respawn station is a pipe coming down from the ceiling. Jump onto it and follow it to the right. On the top of a structure will be the red chest.

White Chest #2[edit]

In the same room as... Reeth was it? The third assassin, the long corridor before the third New-U. To your right just before the low stairs at the end of the room in the corner is a white chest.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/taUHL
Map Location: http://imgur.com/Dhwlj

White Chest #3[edit]

In the same room as the third New-U, or the room right after the previous one, to your left after going up the stairs is a white chest somewhat hidden behind the pipe.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/NIk77
Map Location: http://imgur.com/JpSNi

Red Chest #2[edit]

After the fourth assassin, take the one-way shortcut back to the beginning. If you don't know where that is, look for a gate with a green/red switch by it. Activate the switch to open the gate and at the end of the corridor is a red chest that can not be missed.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/wJK4R
Map Location: http://imgur.com/592b8

The Dust[edit]

The chests are so spread out here. It's a big area. Also, the open chest pictures show everything at level 31 so I'm guessing that these chests actually scale quite a bit with your level since you pass through this area so much in the main story quest. When you first come in, I'd bet they're closer to level 11-14 ish.

White Chest #1[edit]

Go behind Ellie's Garage. Follow the path all the way to the end and you'll find an area where the bandits and spiderants are fighting. The third building at the top of the hill has a Dahl chest leaning next to it.

Path: http://imgur.com/MvLZEcF
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/1BQV43F
Map: http://imgur.com/jYHTPL5

White Chest #2[edit]

Head to the church where you have the shootout in "The Good, The Bad, The Mordecai". Against the left of the building is a Dahl chest. (It's pretty much directly across from chest 1.

Path from white chest 1: http://imgur.com/DAs74LO
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/sweJ4B7
Map: http://imgur.com/6WYfFU4

White Chest #3[edit]

Next few chests are in the buzzard area where you do the volleyball top gun type tquest. From the church and white chest 2, you can jump down to the catch-a-ride. Spawn a new vehicle and head to the stone ramp that gets you into the Buzzard area. These directions assume you land on the right side, not the left. In the first open area INSIDE the buzzard camp, there is a white chest up some stairs.

Path: http://imgur.com/HYD9sSP
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/NcIjcsy
Map: http://imgur.com/lMuuTVc

White Chest #4[edit]

Continue forward into the next open area with the volleyball net. Look out for a sign on top of a beam saying "death" and having two arrows pointing up. The next building on the right has a ladder that leads to another Dahl Chest on top.

Path: http://imgur.com/wJLPXz2
Path 2: http://imgur.com/e4qV9M4
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/9lkm0LZ
Map: http://imgur.com/RRuKES3

Red Chest #1[edit]

Just in front of the volleball net is a very easy to find large red Dahl chest!

Path: http://imgur.com/DVNMbqW
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/LyMvgpB
Map: http://imgur.com/kqxikny

White Chest #5[edit]

If you jump down from the red chest toward the catch a ride, you'll notice a little shack (McNally's shack) down in a valley below. (It's just outside the Hoduck speedway.) There is a white chest on the back side of the shack.

Path: http://imgur.com/atmVz8I
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/M8wK7Ed
Map: http://imgur.com/sZsecwI

White Chest #6[edit]

Take your runner again and go to the Hodunk Raceway. (You may need to have started the Clan War quest to get in. I forget. If it IS blocked off, you might be able to ramp in there early? Not sure. Anyway, when you're in follow the track until you get to the giant bridge. There is a little watch station with the guy you have to kill in the clan war quest? Anywhere, there's a white chest there.

Path: http://imgur.com/VAZHagn
Path 2: http://imgur.com/zJPV1Yo
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/8y74wwA
Map: http://imgur.com/rpf4MZl

White Chest #7[edit]

Take your runner and head all the way west towards the Lynchwood and Highlands transition points. Along the way is an area called Moonshiner's Shack. There is a Dahl Chest here out in the open, that seems unguarded until you open it, at which point bandits will come out of the houses and attack. Just run in quickly, take everything, and run to make it quick.

Path: http://imgur.com/5aK0aag
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/M3sGjAy
Map: http://imgur.com/6is7i63

White Chest #8[edit]

Head to the Lynchwood Train Station. Underneath the left platform is a Dahl Chest. Parking behind the back is faster bc you won't have to crouch all the way across, you can just sprint to the chest.

Path: http://imgur.com/WfCQqkM
Path 2: http://imgur.com/0URlWsB
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/NW0SgH2
Map: http://imgur.com/oYtUjxf

White Chest #9[edit]

Caravan chest! You probably already know about this one as the guy ANNOUNCES it loudly, but the wiki page is below for more info, which may help you find it. Of note is the fact that once this moving chest leaves the area, it won't be back until you reenter the dust! Also it usually spawns near the Eridium Blight entrance I believe.

Path: http://imgur.com/eJYjkYS
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/yFUKhoK
Map: http://imgur.com/WFAh6ST

Bloodshot Stronghold Indoor Area[edit]

Outhouse #1[edit]

The first two outhouses and red chest are only available if you have taken the teenage mutant ninja turtle quest thing. Basically you go from the spawn room with the vendors, through the next room, and in the NEXT room you have to drop down to the sewer to enter the TMNT area which is closed unless you pick up the quest. This first outhouse is basically in the first room after the save point/New-U station and is impossible to miss.

Area: http://imgur.com/fiebBEz
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/P0nhwiE
Map: http://imgur.com/5EnyYOS

Outhouse #2 and Red Chest #1[edit]

Keep fighting through the TMNT area. After you beat the mutants, there is an impossible to miss room with the next outhouse and first red chest.

Area: http://imgur.com/Dw79ny7
Red Chest: http://imgur.com/7gRYUw4
Porta Potty: http://imgur.com/LMURYIv
Map: http://imgur.com/FHwBpx3

Outhouse #3[edit]

Okay say you don't have the ninja turtle area or don't want to go there. Let's start all over. The third room or so (the giant one with three turbines on the left) has a hard to miss outhouse on the right side just before you exit.

Area: http://imgur.com/ojGnbnP
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/mpdLhrQ
Map: http://imgur.com/aMTz8yv

Outhouse #4[edit]

At the top of the Satan's Suckhole area, on the left just before you fight past Mad Mike.

Path: http://imgur.com/hh5hU1f
Map: http://imgur.com/6qjGQ7r
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/EX83Kkr

Red Chest #2[edit]

Just after you fight past Mad Mike, you'll see an electrified room on your right with a red chest. To get in, you'll need to blow the fuse. It can be seen through some grating on the left. You can actually hit it from here with an explosive weapon (torgue, rocket launcher, etc.) I believe, otherwise, just keep going through and just before you find the big flooded room, there will be a small room to the left with a badass...this is where the fuse is. (Or just follow the wire, duh.)

Fuse on Left, Chest on Right: http://imgur.com/IDfZVRu
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/7B3Xto3
Chest Map: http://imgur.com/OCXE9mT
Entrance to Fuse Room Later On: http://imgur.com/QtjxgnW
View down to chest, from fuse: http://imgur.com/ivdo2Dh
Fuse Room Map: http://imgur.com/mbnRl4l

Outhouse #5[edit]

Just past red chest 2, there is an outhouse on the right.

Path: http://imgur.com/Fx20IqN
Map: http://imgur.com/kek9ALI
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/JfQKRtg

White Chest #1[edit]

In the flooded room, just past the fuse room there is a white chest on the balcony on the right side. You can either hop up the junk on the left or use the ladder on the far right.

Path: http://imgur.com/zVfVMIy
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/e61Ccge
Map: http://imgur.com/dnxGt5Y

White Chest #2 and Red Chest #3[edit]

Continuing on, you'll find the jail area. You should notice a red chest locked in cell 4 (C4). As you face Roland's cell, you'll see a ladder. Climb it. You'll can easily follow the catwalks to white chest 1. If you crawl across the triple red pipes, you'll find a hidden control room for the jail cells. Flip the switch for C4 (and others if you like). Red means open. Hop back down and open go into C4 for the last chest of the indoor area!

04 Closed with Chest Inside: http://imgur.com/1U93aAs
The Ladder: http://imgur.com/EZC8MOE
Path to Chest and Control Room: http://imgur.com/CzDuiGu
White Chest Map: http://imgur.com/Dxk3zCR
Open White Chest: http://imgur.com/LkjG8mh
Control Room with all open cells: http://imgur.com/mPemQEi
Red Chest Map: http://imgur.com/NP7UBkJ
Open Red Chest: http://imgur.com/YuDF5nk

Bloodshot Stronghold Outdoor Area[edit]

Trunk #1[edit]

After you go past the vendors and the first area of enemies, you'll find yourself facing a golden Marcus statue. Underneath is the trunk. You'll need to climb up some cars and wreckage and jump across. (Or just nade jump up if you know how.)

Path: http://imgur.com/p8Pu6KX
Map: http://imgur.com/YNhXK0g
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/aJ4KNHW

Outhouse #1[edit]

Just past the next save point/New-U station there is an outhouse dead ahead on the ground floor.

Path: http://imgur.com/5vqH40a Map: http://imgur.com/4eQascT Open Chest: http://imgur.com/6uvi2Gs

White Chest #1[edit]

As you turn into the last corner before the Warden boss area, you can climb a broken concrete ramp thing to a white chest.

Path: http://imgur.com/nxJShCB
Open Chest: http://imgur.com/hzqryNx
Map: http://imgur.com/Vl28zgl

Outhouse #2 and Trunk #2[edit]

The last two chests are in the Warden boss area. The trunk is impossible to miss dead ahead. The outhouse is slightly harder. Climb past where Warden was up to the giant Marcus sacrifice pit. To the left, if you jump past the bus is the outhouse.

Area with Both Chests Visible: http://imgur.com/yWBEWdp
Path to Outhouse: http://imgur.com/eMMJmOL
Trunk Map: http://imgur.com/DxpxMNw
Open Trunk: http://imgur.com/iFGYOsV
Outhouse Map: http://imgur.com/D103Wys
Open Outhouse: http://imgur.com/sovY5Ik

Tundra Express[edit]

The first guide I'll be doing that's a bit difficult to make a guide for because of its massiveness and general convolution of the areas. There are a small amount of chests spread around through the map so I wouldn't recommend it for farming, but when you visit, it doesn't hurt to know where the chests are, does it? I'll be using a lot of compass directions in this guide, so make sure you know North, South, East, and West, okay?

White Chest #1[edit]

Starting from the normal Fast Travel Station (not the Farmhouse if you have that unlocked) head out into the field and past Varkid Ranch to the Varkid Ranch observatory. You will see a ladder Climb it, and at the top is a white chest. While you are up here, look to the right of the white chest to see one of the Vault Symbols on the ground.

Path from Entrance: http://imgur.com/3jw12N3
View of Chest Facing Entrance: http://imgur.com/pmLpO2F
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/zIEp2.jpg

Red Chest #1[edit]

Walk over to the vault symbol and look right into the window. You will see an electrical fuse box. Shoot it, and then jump down the west end of the building. Turn around and enter the building (this was previously electrified...it looks kind of a like a cave in the rockface and has a yellow sign above it), making your way up fighting some bandits and at the very top is a red chest.

Fuse Box view including wc1: http://imgur.com/CrO04DM
View of now non-electrified cave below: http://imgur.com/cGuODI5
Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/kUuGSpN
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/Xdo55.jpg

Red Chest #2[edit]

Head West and through the snowy area to the spiral ramp you take to go to Sir Reginald Von Bartlesby. Instead of starting to go right and up the ramp, go forward and jump off the cliff. Gearbox hid another chest down a cliff. It's almost off the map area so the towers will threaten to shoot you. (You can also get to this by following the train tracks). The chest is not visible in the area overview but you just drop down to that flat rockface by the water and its in the corner.

Area Overview: http://imgur.com/ONyCGS5
Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/93X7V.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/mTudf.jpg

Outhouse #1[edit]

Head West over to the Buzzard Academy. Make your way to the top where two of the Buzzard Launching pads are. Against the building where you find Tina's second "badonkadonk" is an Outhouse.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/z5ykSAD
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/nVV7i.jpg

Outhouse #2[edit]

Turn around and head to the buzzard pad next to the one you were at. Turn around and jump to the roof with the boxes on it. Jump to it, jump on the boxes and then up the roof. Jump to the roof on your left and there is an outhouse. This is on the very tip-top of the Buzzard Academy. You should be able to look up and see the outhouse from some places so if that helps, use it to figure out which building.

Path: http://imgur.com/WBAwvRO
Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/MAMB5.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/WwO8d.jpg

White Chest #2[edit]

Head north over to the Ripoff Station where you robbed the train after the mining mission. On the second level on the station is a white chest. (It's like...the terminal location where you'd board the train. If it were a real train.)

Path: http://imgur.com/QxPnGf9
Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/PrVT6.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/syqBi.jpg

Outhouse #3[edit]

Head north to Old Man Johnson's Farm. Behind the shack containing the electrical fuse box that opens the basement that contains the second fast travel station is an outhouse.

Area Overview: http://imgur.com/0rV4mEM
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/plVIv.jpg

White Chest #3[edit]

Head all the way over to the mining/digging site at the far east of the map. Fight the bandits on ground level if you wish, but jump onto the shipping container and make your way up the conveyor belt to where Prospector Zeke is. Kill him and his guys or ignore him and take the loot from the white chest in the area.

Path to wc3 and rc3 (next): http://imgur.com/LQ8d6yN Area: http://imgur.com/7fG2FuA
Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/idev0.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/CZNAT.jpg

Red Chest #3[edit]

Turn around and head forward. Look down the cliff and you should see a red chest on one of the roofs. You'll need to drop down to it.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/RX2ORAr
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/brVcA.jpg

White Chest #4[edit]

Jump down and head south to an area called Meltwater Crossing, where you get Flesh Stick for Tiny Tina's tea party. Behind one of the buildings is a bit of cliff you can jump to. Jump on it and turn around, jump to the roof. White chest.

Path: http://imgur.com/Lfnppld
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/mIhQ9.jpg

Outhouse #4[edit]

Head south and east to an area called Meltwater Crossing, or the area you have to fetch Flesh Stick from. Under the ladder you take up to place Tina's "damsels" to blow up the train is an outhouse.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/lvzCPCO
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/Hiwre.jpg

End of the Line[edit]

This area has two chests. One is an hyperion locker that can be reached from the second open area. Simply turn right when you enter it, it is located near a wagon up above the area. The other is by the fast travel station right before you fight the boss. You'd have to be REALLY oblivious not to have seen this one so I'm not going to post pics or anything :P

The Fridge[edit]

This section is NOT complete. I think I skipped all the chests that require you to do side quests (Cold Shoulder, Note for Self Person, Swallowed Whole, etc.). All the ones you can do as you pass through on the main story quest I believe ARE included.

White Chest #1[edit]

This chest is really hard to miss. From the entrance to where you leave for the main story to The Highlands Outwash, it's a pretty straight open path. Follow this path and you'll see a white chest on a concrete overhang just below all the crystallisks on the icy floor below.

Area: http://imgur.com/J4CIGnN
Map: http://imgur.com/jtGmtpm

White Chest #2[edit]

Coming from the main entrance in Three Horns Valley again, you'll find that you can enter a building on the left. Fight your way through and climb a ladder to the second floor. Behind some boxes is the next white chest.

Path to Building: http://imgur.com/v0eJdnr
View of Chest: http://imgur.com/ICSSFl3
Map: http://imgur.com/rYmc3vX

Red Chest #1[edit]

On your way to wc2, you hopefully noticed the electrified room with a large red Dahl chest, yeah? Well, to get to it, as always follow the wire. Sadly, this wire is a jerk and ends in three different fuseboxes, any of which could be the right one depending on the random number generator (I believe). Find which one it is and shoot it/switch it to get in.

Path to Electrified Room (electricity already off): http://imgur.com/E9bz47x
Map: http://imgur.com/iPrQGOe
Fuse 1 (Upstairs just past wc2): http://imgur.com/kT4mghY
Fuse 2 (at the end of the area near the elevator for The Highlands Outwash): http://imgur.com/bJDSbkI
Fuse 3 (If you go to the downstairs area just before entering the building, it's down there): http://imgur.com/hhBQ1aF

White Chest #3[edit]

If you go to the very end with the crystallisks, instead of going left to the highlands, go to the right to the stalker area where you do the Swallowed Whole quest. The middle branch has a white chest at the bottom.

Path: http://imgur.com/tQDpAef
Map: http://imgur.com/ljgwXoN

Red Chest #2[edit]

Keep going into the stalker area and on the far left leg, overlooking the icy floor with the crystallisks, is a red chest.

Path: http://imgur.com/0wYjeEk
Map: http://imgur.com/PiWswPq

The Highlands Outwash[edit]

Hyperion Locker #1[edit]

After you pass the stalker area, you will see a building in front of you (that you normally jump down near and walk around). But on TOP is a locker! You can do a totally rad nade jump across or you can do some mountain climbing in back (way less cool) to get up.

Path: http://imgur.com/tnPp2GM
Rock Climbing Path: http://imgur.com/IuT8PB2
Map: http://imgur.com/vLAJLTp

Hyperion Locker #2[edit]

As you enter the...extraction plant...thing....area...or whatever, it'll be on the left of the drawbridge.

Area: http://imgur.com/LRxk7H4
Map: http://imgur.com/oN3FuEs

White Chest #1[edit]

Underneath the drawbridge is a white chest.

Path: http://imgur.com/xqOM9yH
Chest View: http://imgur.com/kiaBWd1
Map: http://imgur.com/yPnJRBK

Red Chest #1[edit]

Drop into the water. There is a large tower you can climb. On top is a red chest!

Path: http://imgur.com/8MYTEm8
Map: http://imgur.com/SFJyA7n

The Highlands[edit]

Hyperion Locker #1[edit]

If you enter from the outwash for the first time, there is a hyperion camp on your right past the vehicle station. It will contain the first three chests.

The first is near the giant mortar you use to shoot that sexist jerk in Overlook.

Path: http://imgur.com/kugL3IQ
View to Overlook: http://imgur.com/iv0kXvB
Map: http://imgur.com/wr13eMX

Hyperion Locker #2[edit]

Just past the first locker around the bend...

Path: http://imgur.com/5anQ5jv
Map: http://imgur.com/O3RTzDW

Hyperion Locker #3[edit]

Keep going, past the constructor on the bridge, past the badass loaders and you'll find the last one in this camp overlooking the vehicle station.

Path: http://imgur.com/13tJps8
Map: http://imgur.com/FySStx2

Hyperion Locker #4[edit]

This one is at the Isotope Reclamation Tower right near the entrance to the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.

View of Tower: http://imgur.com/GwqGG3h
View from Locker: http://imgur.com/Fdm7DAT
Map: http://imgur.com/l4YWbVx

White Chest #1[edit]

Look down from the tower and hl4. You'll see a white electrified building. Get down to it. Using a sniper or other long range weapon, shoot the fusebox just barely visible at the top of the tower.

View from Tower: http://imgur.com/qXjQVCr
View from White Hut: http://imgur.com/N65Fy0E
Fuse Box: http://imgur.com/QkPZRGT
Chest Area: http://imgur.com/08PFErg
Map: http://imgur.com/aUKRZpx

White Chest #2[edit]

Under the bridge to Opportunity.

Path: http://imgur.com/0oVwClL
View from Chest: http://imgur.com/dGqdRKg
Map: http://imgur.com/Gq2u4NU

White Chest #3[edit]

As you go through the tunnel towards Overlook, there is a stalker area in front of the bridge with a white chest.

Path: http://imgur.com/quag5Yh
Map: http://imgur.com/SbzNqmu

White Chest #4[edit]

In the Hunters..Bane...or whatever area, y'know the one where you kill Henry a giant stalker blah blah something like that. It's just below Overlook. Anyway, an alcove has a chest there.

Area: http://imgur.com/efS8IZ2
Map: http://imgur.com/NwTHtna

Red Chest #1[edit]

There's a small platform underneath Blake Bridge that you'll need to drop down to.

Path: http://imgur.com/006vBWI
View before you drop down: http://imgur.com/QrvMUQa
Map: http://imgur.com/IkvlPI9

White Chest #5[edit]

Below Blake bridge near the dam is a small shack with a chest inside.

View from Bridge: http://imgur.com/afDoqYT
View Near Dam: http://imgur.com/x0kGN5u
Map: http://imgur.com/XXxKog8

Wildlife Exploitation Preserve[edit]

This area is pretty big but chests are spread far apart.

Red Chest #1[edit]

After you wound the three loaders outside the docks, head inside. On your left you'll see a room with a chest blocked with lasers. The fuse box is above/behind it. You COULD walk all the way around, but its easier to just shoot the barrel up there (or rocket launcher or whatever to kill it).

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/NyV75pe
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/1Dyrj.jpg

Hyperion Locker #1[edit]

Continue through the preserve. Jump down into the first area with the skags and the next building you enter will have a Hyperion Locker in the corner to your right.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/AuKD8x6
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/Ien0r.jpg

Red Chest #2[edit]

This one is well hidden! Exit the building and continue all the way to the next area with the entrance to the Creature Slaughter Dome/Natural Selection Annex. Don't enter the building, turn right and climb the stone arc onto the overpass. Head right until you reach the end then jump to the mushroom to your right and then to the cliff. This is one of Mordecai's secret stashes and has a Hyperion Chest in it.

Path 1: http://imgur.com/hEzyDVe
Path 2: http://imgur.com/RYDulI3
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/JV4AG.jpg

Hyperion Locker #2[edit]

Just past this, follow the river to a waterfall. YOU CAN GO BEHIND THE WATERFALL. Classic video game shit peoplez. (The map looks like you're in the area above where you fight a ton of loaders and a badass stalker and super badass loader, but that's just because you're IN the waterfall).

Path: http://imgur.com/xalPNHf
View Inside: http://imgur.com/wNM9ZG3
Map: http://imgur.com/JpBGBHk

Hyperion Locker #3[edit]

Head into the Natural Selection Annex building and in one of the corners is a Hyperion Locker.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/ynEmxDw
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/NqVNx.jpg

Red Chest #3[edit]

Enter the room to the right of the door leading to Bloodwing's room. This is the room with the four boxes. There is a Hyperion Chest here.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/OQnNZYV
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/5XjUW.jpg

Hyperion Locker #4[edit]

Just after you pick up Bloodwing's feather and all the naughty animals are released, you have to pass by a spawn point with a chest right next to it!

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/m4bDZNt
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/ZPY7l.jpg

Hyperion Locker #5[edit]

Pass through the large outdoor with all the skags and rakks. Eventually, 4 engineer type nerds will break through the door. Kill them and enter the room to proceed with the story. You'll find a New-U spawn point and a locker. Impossible to miss.

Also, behind the greeting-robot's desk, is a switch. Click it to reveal hidden cache of weapons, and slag experiment notes on Echo recorder for a different quest, behind the wall in hidden compartment.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/95R3zvH
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/SDr8N.jpg

Hyperion Locker #6[edit]

Continue until you get to the elevator down to the fight with Bloodwing. On your right in plain site is a Hyperion Locker.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/QBreMOr
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/kRnXh.jpg

Red Chest #4 & #5 and Hyperion Locker #7[edit]

Kill Son of Mothrakk or Slagged Bloodwing and enter the last room of the area. There are two Hyperion Chests here.

Area: http://imgur.com/AGDUhjX
Map: http://imgur.com/ioxSEg9


Outhouse #1[edit]

From the fast travel station, head towards the arena where you fight Dukino's Mom and go up the elevator (not down and into the arena). Walk forward until you find a building on your left, with a New-U Station. There is a ladder here on the New-U side which if you take up will take you to an Outhouse.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/fdm82.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/RgOdm.jpg

Outhouse #2[edit]

Go back and head up the ramp on your left towards Mad Dog and the station where you set off the explosives in the timed mission. Go up said ramp and just walk forward. Around the corner is an outhouse tucked into the corner. Pretty good hiding spot.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/D4zF6.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/ZmIDr.jpg

Trunk #1[edit]

Head towards the building with the stairs that take you up to the place where you detonate the explosives. Instead of heading up the stairs, on your right under the building is a trunk that is in pretty clear vision if you're looking for it.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/Ab26c.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/cgaTQ.jpg

Outhouse #3[edit]

Go up the stairs and then down the next set of stairs. Outhouse is here in the open.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/tUKcj.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/QFQAt.jpg

Outhouse #4[edit]

Backtrack a little until you're down the ramp again. Turn right and just head forward until you reach "the end" of the area. Jump on the stone face and jump down, to your left is an outhouse hidden against the edge of the cliff just at the edge of the playable space.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/qskAg.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/MiCNI.jpg

Trunk #2[edit]

Keep heading in the same direction until you reach a sort of fork, one continuing on "ground level" and the other being a hill leading up to a building. Up the stairs of this building is a trunk.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/Q9BeC.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/32474.jpg

Outhouse #5[edit]

Backtrack all the way to the bandit town, (the first bandit town, the area you walk out into at the start off) and in the north part of the town is a building with an outhouse on it. These are very vague directions, I know, but hopefully when screenshots come around that will help out. There aren't really many landmarks to use here.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/6NJlL.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/UMCAE.jpg

Outhouse #6[edit]

Head into the second bandit town, the town that you battle the Sheriff in. Watch your left for a car, once you reach the car, head around the corner, and, while you're here, there is a bus station-like structure with a fuse box. Destroy it. Turn right and climb the ladder and on your immediate right is an outhouse.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/FYIrt.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/Tq9GN.jpg

Trunk #3[edit]

In the garage of the Sheriff's building a little further up is a trunk.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/g6oYM.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/t7vfX.jpg

Outhouse #7[edit]

Continue through the town and watch your left for an outhouse on a station that is pretty much in plain site. Shouldn't be difficult to miss.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/w1EyP.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/4Nbqn.jpg

Outhouse #8[edit]

Make your way to the elevator, but also note on your left is a weapons vendor you might not want to miss, and on your right inside of the car is one of Axton's logs. Take the elevator up and on your immediate right is an outhouse that is difficult to miss.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/azAX0.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/P3DbG.jpg

Trunk #4[edit]

After going up the elevator, head out and around the back. There is a trunk against the building that is blocked off by an electric fence if you didn't destroy the fuse box earlier.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/ItGZh.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/kWCKv.jpg

Outhouse #9[edit]

Turn around, and look at the building on your far left. Farthest to your left is a set of stairs. Underneath these stairs is an outhouse.

Chest Picture: http://i.imgur.com/p4dqL.jpg
Map Location: http://i.imgur.com/NWNWK.jpg

Thousand Cuts BEFORE "Where Angels Fear to Tread"[edit]

When you first visit Thousand Cuts, you can't get past No Man's Land because of Hyperion's large red competitor deterrence field (aka Death Wall). I'll give the chests past the death wall in a later section. I've tried to put these chest in an order so that you pick up as many chests as possible before the initiation fight with the Slabs to make it a little easier, although some may be slightly easier to find on the way back if you want to wait.

Outhouse #1[edit]

If you go to the far left into No Man's land, the 2nd building on the far right has an outhouse on the 2nd floor.

View of Buildings: http://imgur.com/sucHjtp
Chest View: http://imgur.com/2Q1j2EU
Map: http://imgur.com/eFoGDwC

White Chest #1[edit]

You'll need to go to the entrance to Terramorphous' lair to find this. There are two paths you can take the entrance. Go to the left and jump down (faster) or go to the right and follow the bright arrow down the normal stair path (slower but easier to find). This tends to have slightly higher level gear in it.

Both Paths from Start: http://imgur.com/bBZ3Q9z
Left Path Jump: http://imgur.com/ZlqC5vC
Right Path: http://imgur.com/YOiJKp5
View of Chest: http://imgur.com/56pn7L3
Map: http://imgur.com/n99uqw4

Outhouse #2[edit]

Just past the vending machines is a building. There is a ladder near where the 2nd mortar beacon will be. Climb the ladder to get to this outhouse!

Path: http://imgur.com/xNUD5oS
Map: http://imgur.com/or9gQDH

Outhouse #3[edit]

Near the first mortar beacon on the right is a pretty arrow (if you face toward the entrance anyway)! Follow the arrow up the stairs! There is an easy to miss staircase down to this outhouse on the left.

Arrow: http://imgur.com/RIoKRCL
Staircase down: http://imgur.com/U1xuYeP
Chest Pic: http://imgur.com/95UppWH
Map: http://imgur.com/WoOAxbz

White Chest #2[edit]

From o3, jump to the hanging boat and across to the little hut which has this chest inside.

Path: http://imgur.com/425Zd5g
Map: http://imgur.com/97sllhG

Outhouse #4[edit]

At the beginning of the bridge toward the slab king's place is an outhouse. You'll find it on your left as you face the slab king's place.

Chest Pic: http://imgur.com/y2xnO25
Map: http://imgur.com/GdCVzkb

White Chest #3[edit]

At the end of the bridge toward the Slab King's place to the right is a ledge with a white chest. Be careful not to fall off! If memory serves, this has slightly higher level gear in it.

Path: http://imgur.com/yU9HmuO
Map: http://imgur.com/bo0J24i

White Chest #4[edit]

By Shooty McFace guy or whatever just outside of the Slab King's place, you can follow a path down to an elevator. The elevator leads up to an electrified white chest. So before you go up there, send the elevator up and shoot the fuse box that was hiding below it. Then call the elevator back down, ride it up and get the chest!

Path to Elevator Area:
Elevator Going Up: http://imgur.com/2D765tJ
Fuse Box Below: http://imgur.com/kdJonZd
Chest Area: http://imgur.com/LlCuKTc

Outhouse #5[edit]

Just outside of and past the entrance to the Slab King's throne room/where you do the initiation is an outhouse.

Chest View: http://imgur.com/ILfU6pr
Map: http://imgur.com/0bW2aiP

Red Chest #1[edit]

This is the chest you find up by the Slab King after the long initiation fight. You CAN wait until the end of the fight and use the stairs. Or you could do some fancy (easy) jumps to get there ASAP. Basically go in straight ahead and find the comp on the back. Jump on railing, jump on monitor, jump on the white thing on the wall, jump on the stripey pipe, then jump up to the slab king and the chest!

Fancy Jump Path: http://imgur.com/nHsqH3A
View of Chest: http://imgur.com/yzL3VCe
Map: http://imgur.com/6t0eaTj

Red Chest #2[edit]

Climb up to the entrance to the Slab King's area. But instead of going inside, you'll go to the far end and climb a wire all the way to the top of the bridge. Walk all the way across the highest part of the bridge and when you get to the far corner, jump across to a red chest.

Path 1: http://imgur.com/gPrQ6GD
Path 2: http://imgur.com/GkKCOFZ
Path 3: http://imgur.com/drO2DKJ
Path 4: http://imgur.com/qjdygW3
Path 5: http://imgur.com/4D9oDXO
Map: http://imgur.com/bWjAfsw


Red Chest #1[edit]

Head to the far left to the area where you pick up the friendly constructor to laser down the statues for that one side quest thing. Out where the Badass Constructor spawns is a red chest.

Chest: http://imgur.com/8xMzhko
Map: http://imgur.com/b6YxhdV

Hyperion Locker #1[edit]

Look a little south and you'll see a high tower with a locker on top. Climb up!

Le Tower: http://imgur.com/wf0bYUn
View from Locker: http://imgur.com/utXxM6x
Map: http://imgur.com/nWT7Ivq

Red Chest #2[edit]

Go past the tower, past the sandy construction site, just pass where you blow up the dam in the side mission. In a pit you'll find an elevator across from a red chest sealed in blue lasers. From across the pit (or by riding the elevator if you like being slow), shoot the fuse box to open the cell.

Fuse Box: http://imgur.com/pSnE4hO
Laser Guarded Chest: http://imgur.com/nviYNs4
Map: http://imgur.com/5cG6xjE

Hyperion Locker #2[edit]

In the pit below the fuse box and rc2 is a hyperion locker.

View of Chest: http://imgur.com/ERiJlA4
Map: http://imgur.com/hdizYqZ

Hyperion Locker #3[edit]

In the next pit you'll find another locker.

Chest View: http://imgur.com/ULkSUly
Map: http://imgur.com/a6fzARt

Red Chest #3[edit]

This one is ONLY available doing the main story quest. After you collect the four voice samples, you give them to angel and pick up the voice modulator. In this room, you'll find a red chest.

Room View: http://imgur.com/pElvbfg
Map: http://imgur.com/Jhwc4Hy

Red Chest #4[edit]

So I know this is lame, but I couldn't find this chest but I saw it on YouTube. :-/ At the opposite end of the map from where you start is a long outstretch with a crane. I believe it becomes available with the Home Movies quest? Maybe?

View of Area: http://imgur.com/WP6cxUm
Map: http://imgur.com/uqkvv39

Hyperion Locker #4[edit]

Above one of the voice modulators is a locker. I'm bad at describing this stupid area, use the map :P

Area: http://imgur.com/wuRRlpq
Map: http://imgur.com/Fh3oXct

Hyperion Locker #5[edit]

In the side quest Home Movies, you upload the movies in this room. Just outside the room is a locker.

Area: http://imgur.com/Fh3oXct
Map: http://imgur.com/KuJTttO

Red Chest #5[edit]

INSIDE the room for the Home Movies quest is a red chest. You MUST have that side quest for the room to open.

See map on hl5 above.

Red Chest #6[edit]

I put this one last because its a pain in the ass. It can spawn on one of three rooftops, so you may need to check all three. But it IS a red chest, so maybe its worth it :P

First possible location is basically the 2nd building from spawn on the roof. Jump on a hedge up to the location. Second possible location is on the next roof a little farther to the left, above the Living Legend Plaza. Third location is on a roof sort of near the long dock. Go to the map's southwest vending machine. Look North and you're looking at your destination building. Climb the stairs at the left side of this view and run up one of the two buttresses.

Map: http://i.imgur.com/LjlM80F.jpg
Possible Location 1: http://imgur.com/pcj67Yp
Possible Location 2: http://imgur.com/5IQIVOb
Possible Location 3, view from SW vending machine: http://i.imgur.com/e9msfJu.jpg

Thousand Cuts AFTER "Where Angels Fear to Tread"[edit]

Hyperion Locker #1[edit]

Start heading up the hill where the battle with the loaders and such take place. On the right is a locker (halfway between the death wall and where you fight the constructor).

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/M2h0LHg
Map Location: http://imgur.com/uKupfWx

Hyperion Locker #2[edit]

After you kill the constructor the door on the left opens up and a few hyperion soldier jerk types come out. On the right side of this doorway as you face the mortars is a locker.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/QNc3SLB
Map Location: http://imgur.com/70NPp24

Hyperion Locker #3[edit]

After entering the fort by killing the 2 door turrets, go up the right stairs and then the left stairs. Right in front of the left stairs is a locker.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/YeJQ0iW
Map Location: http://imgur.com/2oOcNIS

Hyperion Locker #4[edit]

Behind one of the shipping crates near the Badass Constructor is a Hyperion Locker. This one is easy to miss so make sure you go to the edge of the platform and grab it!

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/DD1b87q
Map Location: http://imgur.com/v322YTi

Hyperion Locker #5 & #6 and Red Chest #1 & #2[edit]

After you kill the badass constructor, a gate will open at the top of the stairs. Go up these stairs and instead of going straight to the entrance to Bunker, turn right to find an area with two lockers and a red chest. People tend not to miss this much but make sure you don't run right past it!

At the top of the stairs jump onto the roof to the left (when going up) and there is another red chest there.

Stairwell on the Right: http://imgur.com/E45LcnN
Chests Picture: http://imgur.com/7p9iCUj
Map Location: http://imgur.com/ueCJ0u6

White Chest #1[edit]

Directly to the right of the entrance to the bunker is the last chest.

Area: http://imgur.com/MAC7Z9l
Map: http://imgur.com/9aZvX9O

Red chest #2 Right before red chest #1, after you kill the bad ass constructor, go about half way up the stairs and jump on the roof top to your left with the power generators, the chest is in the middle, between the generators.

The Bunker[edit]

Hyperion Locker #1[edit]

At the very top, up the several sets of stairs the Bunker was blocking before it went airborne, is a locker covered in vines.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/kT4Hw1x
Map Location: http://imgur.com/AstTKog

Red Chest #1[edit]

From right here, jump onto the fence and jump to the ring below. Of course, watch where you jump. Turn around and there is a room below the waterfall with the chest in it. This becomes unlocked when the bunker dies.

Shields up: http://imgur.com/UrSaGeI
After Bunker Dies: http://imgur.com/gDFuPcW
Map Location: http://imgur.com/VgYXxkp

Hyperion Chest #3[edit]

From the room below, exit right on the outer ring, going back towards the Fast Travel Station. Look to the left at the first outcropping (the little hangie viney things off the side of teh ring). Jump out and at the end is a Hyperion Chest covered in vines.

Chest Picture: http://imgur.com/43xhTNO
Map Location: http://imgur.com/jnpOojM

Control Core Angel[edit]

After the fight in Control Core Angel, you'll be teleported to "Marcus Munitions Storeroom"....which is actually still on the Control Core Angel map. It's not worth posting pics but make sure you open all THREE red chests and the ONE white chest. (Along with all the random safes and ammo crap.)

Arid Nexus Boneyard[edit]


Hyperion Locker #1[edit]

Head north to the Hyperion Gas Station. Inside the building on your left should be a Hyperion Locker if entered from the south entrance.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

White Chest #1[edit]

Head towards pump station #2 (the one underground), close to the pump station, there is a ramp that leads to the top of the pipeline, go up the ramp and hang a left towards the pipeline junction, the chest is dead ahead, on top of the pipeline, against the junction.

Red Chest #1[edit]

Head northeast to the broken pipeline and follow it up to the transition point to the Badlands. Look around for a hole in the ground and go down it. Follow the pipe to the end and you will find a Red Chest.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

Hyperion Locker #2[edit]

Head southeast towards the second pump station with the underground area. Take the elevator down and follow it to the end. In the far right corner there should be a Hyperion Locker.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

Hyperion Chest #1[edit]

Turn around and hug the wall on the right. Follow the narrow ledge until you reach a pretty well-hidden room. Inside is a Hyperion Chest. This is probably the only chest in the area worth checking.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

Hyperion Locker #3[edit]

Exit the gas station, take your runner and head south to the next building. This is the building right next to where you fought the Skrakk. Head up the stairs and you will find a Hyperion Locker.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

Hyperion Locker #4[edit]

Head southwest to the next gas station. It is the largest one and has the catch-a-ride. Enter via the catch-a-ride side and go through the area. Eventually on your left should be a Hyperion Locker.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

Red Chest #2[edit]

Just north of the fast travel station, between the fast travel station and pump station #3, you'll see a building that the pipeline connects to. Climb the supports that go up to the roof between the building and the pump station. The red chest is on top of the building. Grenade jumping to the roof after you have climbed the supports makes getting to the chest a lot easier but isn't necessary.

Arid Nexus Badlands[edit]

You remember this place from Borderlands 1, right? Too bad it's restricted to Fyrestone and not the rest of the Badlands.

White Chest #1[edit]

Start from the Fast Travel station and head to Bonehead's former camp. Kill Bonehead 2.0 and walk over to the building in the back. Inside is a White Chest.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

Red Chest #1[edit]

Exit into Fyrestone by turning around and taking a left through the slag puddle. Take a right and you will notice a makeshift wall with arrows on it pointing up and left. This tells you where to jump to get up to the cliff. Follow the directions and jump to the cliff. Here you will find the hidden claptrap from the first game that you weren't intended to get to, now dead, with a Red Chest beside it. Poor claptrap.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

Red Chest #2[edit]

This is the chest you need to open for the achievement, the first chest in Borderlands 1. Head over to Saturn and get onto the Gas Station by going behind it and climbing the rail, to the low roof and then to the roof. Against a dumpster is the Red Chest.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

Hyperion Locker #1[edit]

Defeat Saturn and head up to the highway. Get to the Hyperion Info Stockade and get to the third floor. Against the wall are two Hyperion Lockers.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

Hyperion Locker #2[edit]

Right next to the last one.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

Hyperion Chest #1[edit]

Look around on this floor for a ladder. Take it up and there should be a chest right in front of you.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

Red Chest #3[edit]

Head back towards the highway and keep watching the right for a tower with a fuse box. Either just shoot it and jump down or jump to it and melee it, or whatever, just destroy it. (this is the intended way, not shooting from the gas station) Jump down and head to Dr. Zed's. The forcefield should be down and you can take the Red Chest here.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

Hero's Pass[edit]

I figured I'd do a guide for this area since it's fairly linear and should be easy to provide directions for and it leads up to the Warrior which is a popular place for farming, so knowing where the chests are here would help those who farm the Warrior.

Hyperion Locker #1[edit]

After crossing the bridge, around the corner behind the large yellow construction device thing is a Hyperion Locker.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

Hyperion Locker #2[edit]

Cross the next bridge and notice the cliff face to your right. Walk along it until you see an electrical fuse box on the back of one of the pillars. Shoot/melee it and then go back to the electrical gate that you saw at the beginning. Behind it is a now-free-for-the-taking Hyperion Locker.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

Hyperion Locker #3[edit]

Cross the two bridge and jump the gap. Go up the stairs and on your right there should be a Hyperion Locker.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

Hyperion Locker #4[edit]

Right near the end, when you reach that large area with the Super Badass Constructor, don't go down the stairs towards it but head to the right and around the perimeter of the area. You'll reach a Hyperion Locker next to two ammo crates.

Chest Picture: (screenshot needed)
Map Location: (screenshot needed)

Hyperion Chest #1[edit]

Very difficult to miss. Placed right at the end of the area plainly in sight.

Chest Picture: Map Location:


Credits for the guide goes to Ice Car from the Gearbox forum. Link to original post:


Also credit to MJ the Chemist - that's me! I know this is kind of self-aggrandizing but I want a virtual pat on the back to myself for working my ass off. I added a LOT of new/better pictures, tried to discuss the relative levels of the chests, made all the path pictures with the red arrows trying to give you a better idea of where everthing was. Anyway, cheers, hope it helps!

And also credit to Trocky101(TheSpy80085) for original pictures from Ice Cars' post.

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