You get the mission "Claptrap's Secret Stash" from Claptrap, during the early stages of the game. Dare you face the Destroyer of Worlds?

Claptrap's Secret Stash is a mission in Borderlands 2

You get it after taking Claptrap to Sanctuary


If you're willing to jump through a few (hundred) hoops, Claptrap has a Surprise for you!

Level: 8

Difficulty: Trivial

Rewards: 346 XP, $320

Optional: Yes


Talk to Claptrap

Collect brown rocks

Kill Ug-Thak, Lord of Skags

Pilfer Lost Staff of Mount Schuler

Defeat Destroyer of Worlds

Dance, Dance, Baby!

Find Stash

Turn In: Claptrap

Where is Claptrap's Secret Stash?[edit]

The stash is in the container right across from where Claptrap is standing. Set mission to trackable to see the waypoint.

Mission Briefing (SPOILERS)[edit]

Claptrap: You helped me reach Sanctuary, minion, and for that you deserve a reward. I have a secret stash hidden very very far away from where I currently am. In order to find it, you have to perform a series of devious challenges. First, collect a few brown rocks for me. Then, defeat a bad-ass Skag. Then, go for the lost staff of Mount Schuler. Then, you should bring me the head of the Destroyer of Worlds. And then, you should dance for my enjoyment. Let me know when you are done with that job.

Mission Debriefing (SPOILERS)[edit]

Claptrap's incompetence granted you access to his secret stash considerably earlier than expected.

Claptrap: "Congratulations! You successfully subverted my meticulously planned challenges! Why don't you go check out the Stash!"

Claptrap's Secret Stash[edit]

The stash is a place to store items so that all of your characters can access them.

You can use it for twinking items between your characters

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