The surviving Crumpets in Flamerock.

"Collect crumpets in Flamerock Refuge" is an objective in the sidequest Post-Crumpocalyptic in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC


In Flamerock Refuge you will see there are 3 plates of crumpets to collect.

Crumpet 1[edit]

This first crumpets are found by the pathway into The Forest in Perception Overlook. Just look for this crate, which is closet to where you encounter Torgue


Crumpet 2[edit]

This second plate of crumpets are to the Southwest of the first. They are to the East of the Streetwise Wharfs, in the Eastern edge of Flamerock Outskirts. Look for this rope going underneath the building. Head across it to collect the second plate of crumpets.


Crumpet 3[edit]

The third plate of crumpets are found in Flamerock Outskirts. Head to the South from the second plate of Crumpets you collected. At the very southern tip of Flamerock Refuge you will find a massive tree. Near the base of it you will find a pile of dirt and bones with the blue lien coming out of it. Smack it to get the third plate.


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