The surviving Crumpets in The Forest.

"Collect crumpets in The Forest" is an objective in the sidequest Post-Crumpocalyptic in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC


In Unassuming Docks of Potentially Little Importance you will see there are 3 plates of crumpets to collect.

Crumpet 1[edit]

This first crumpets are found by The Blacksmith's Cottage. Head over to the well you see at the Northern end of the area. Interact with the lever on the side to bring the crumpets up into reach.


Crumpet 2[edit]

This second plate of crumpets are to the Southeast from the first. They are found just down the main path where you can encounter the nest of spiders. This is just to the North of where you cross over to the Immortal Woods


Crumpet 3[edit]

The third plate of crumpets are found in Blood Tree camp, the Orc Village by the cross over to the Immortal Woods. Head straight in and look for the cage that is suspended above the ground. You will likely have to kill the Orcs in the area but that should not be too hard, save if the Warlord shows.

Shoot out the rope above


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