Borderlands 2: Complete Gaige Mechromancer Heads List

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Metal Blood, one of the many Mechromancer Heads in Borderlands 2

This is the list of heads for Gaige the Mechromancer and how to get them.


[edit] Bang Bangs Head

This is one of the heads Gaige starts with.

Pictures: Bang Bangs

[edit] Bullet Buccaneer Head

Buy Pirate's Booty DLC

Screenshots: Bullet Buccaneer

[edit] Digitized Death Head

Drops from BNK3R Boss in Bunker

Image: Digitized Death

[edit] Fragger Head

Kill Geary in Volcano in Eridium Blight/dropped from the warrior.

Image of head: Fragger

[edit] Gaige Default Head

You get it by default.

See: "Gaige" (Default Mechro Head)

[edit] Grease Monkey

From Mister Torgue's Campaign of Carnage DLC

See: Grease Monkey Head

[edit] Handsome Jack's Mask

Kill Handsome Jack

How it looks on Gaige: Handsome Jack's Mask

[edit] Keeping It Real Head

This is one of the heads Gaige starts with.

Pictures: Keeping it Real

[edit] Lovely Corpse

Drops from Vermivorous the Invincible

Screen: Lovely Corpse

[edit] Mecha Wrecka Head

Complete challenge: Pay the Bills

Screenshot: Mecha Wrecka

[edit] Metal Blood Head

Drop from Henry (Boss near Overlook)

Head Pic: Metal Blood

[edit] Pig Rider Head

Kill Creeper enemies in the Minecraft zone in Caustic Caverns

Image: Pig Rider

[edit] Read All About It Head

Complete the mission: "Symbiosis"

Pic of head: Read All About It

[edit] Sinful Sweetheart Head

Mission Reward

Complete Mission "Statuesque" in Opportunity

For picture of head, see: Sinful Sweetheart

[edit] Speak No Evil

Finish the "In Memoriam" quest.

Photo: Speak No Evil

[edit] XXX Head

Drop from Terramorphous the Invincible

Pic: XXX

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