Contingent Fremington's Edge is a rare Sniper Rifle in Borderlands 2

Contingent Fremington's Edge is a blue unique Sniper Rifle in Borderlands 2

You get it as a drop from Assassin Rouf (Assassinate the Assassins) in Southpaw Steam & Power

Stats for sample level 50 Fremington's Edge. You could get a different Fremington's Edge Sniper Rifle based on your level. Or you could get a different variation such as the Resource Fremington's Edge or Venture Fremington's Edge.

Main Attributes[edit]

Rarity: Blue (Rare)

Type: Sniper Rifle

Level Requirement: 50

Manufacturer: Hyperion

Value: $30,664

Weapon Stats[edit]

Damage: 16455

Accuracy: 94.9

Fire Rate: 1.0

Reload Speed: 4.0

Magazine Size: 6

Electrocute Dmg/Sec: 3605.9

Chance to shock: 34.5%

Status Effects and Other Bonuses[edit]

I can see my house from here. (red text effect)

+50% Melee Damage

+100% Critical Hit Damage

Highly effective vs Shields

Firing increases accuracy