Creature Slaughter: Round 1

"Creature Slaughter: Round 1" is a Mission from Creature Slaughter Dome DLC in Borderlands 2

Mission Type[edit]

Mission (DLC)

Start location[edit]

Natural Selection Annex

How to start[edit]

Speak to Captain Cabrera


Natural Selection Annex

Optional Objective[edit]

Kill Creatures with critical hits: 0/5. Skags, its in the mouth, Spiderants: Thorax.


Assemble in Arena

Go to the North from the desk with Captain Cabrera head to the middle the Annex to the switch. Throw it to begin the battle.

Wave 1

The first wave starts from the Southeast. You will encounter a variety of Skags. Take them out to move forward in the challenge.

Wave 2

This waves begins in the Northwestern part of the arena. You will encounter a number of Spiderants

Wave 3

Now you have creatures coming from both sides of the Southern part of the Arena. Now it is a mix of both Spiderants and Skags.

Wave 4

Now you will start seeing the stronger version of Skags and Spiderants. There are a few badasses of each that appear in the Northern part of the Arena.

TURN IN: Captain Cabrera


Money and XP

Mission Briefing[edit]

Countless creatures. A bunch of loot. One (to four) Vault Hunter(s). Can YOU (and/or YOUR FRIENDS) survive the Natural Selection Annex?

Mission Debriefing[edit]

You survived the first round of the Creature Slaughter. Don't get cocky, kid.

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