Critical Failure!

"Critical Fail" is the side quest from Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC in Borderlands 2

Mission Type[edit]

Side Mission (DLC4) (Optional Mission)

Start location[edit]

Moxxi's Grog & Girls

How to start[edit]

Speak to Moxxi the Tavern Keeper


Moxxi's Grog & Girls

The Forest

The Immortal Woods

Sacred Ruins


Find Gun

Roll to pick up

Find weapon

Roll again

Find Weapon


Defeat orc

TURN IN: The crit


Money, XP, Miss Moxxi's Crit SMG

Mission Briefing[edit]

Here's a freebie for you.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

Destroy the weird gun-creature and pick up the gun one final time.

That was easy, wasn't it?


Talk with Moxxi after having completed Denial, Anger, Initiative and helping her with the annoying Bar Patrons.


Moxxi: "Thanks again for taking care of those numbskulls. I left a gun for you kinda sorta-nearby. Feel free to grab it, honeybear."

Approach the gun:

Tina: "Alright -- I'ma just give this on to you. You see a powerful gun on the ground. Brick, roll to pick it up."

Brick: "I got a 1."

Lilith: "A one. That's a critical fail. Otherwise known as a 'fumble'."

Mordecai: "What? How can you fail to pick up a GUN?"

Tina: "Uh ... it looks like the gun flies out of your hands, into the distance."

Mordecai: "WHAT?"

Lilith: "That's the rules Mordy."

Tina: "Calm down, baby! Just track the gun down and roll again."

Finding the gun a second time:

Tina: "You find the gun again. Lilith, roll to pick it up."

Lilith: "Uhm, one."

Tina: "Oh, Uhhhhh, while picking up the gun, it accidentally slips from your hands again, but not before breaking all your fingers. Take like, a lot of damage.

Vault Hunter: "Holy crap. Seriously?"


Tina: "Yeahhhhhh, that was harsh."

Finding the gun a third time:

Tina: "Okay Last chance, last roll. Mordecai -- Do it up!"


Tina: "Aaaagainst all known laws of probability, the gun transforms into an enormous monster. With swords for hands. Sorryyyyyy. Sorrysorrysorry."

After defeating Arguk the Butcher:

Tina: "The monster dies and drops, uhm, a gun. Will you pick it up."

Mordecai: "NO."

Tina: "Ah, screw it, I'll just give it to ya's. Go ahead and take it. No rollies."

Turn in:

Mordecai: "I official hate dice."