A D20 Chest from DLC4
Rolling the two D20s


The D20 Chest is a new type of chest introduced in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC

You can choose if to roll one die or roll two dice (Rolling one die is free. To roll both dice you must spend 5 Eridium)

Roll 1 D20[edit]

The higher the roll, the better loot you get. If you roll a low number you will get white quality loot, a medium number will get you green quality loot, and a high number will get you up to a purple quality loot if you roll a 20.

Roll 2 D20s[edit]

You can choose to roll two D20 by spending 5 Eridium. By doing so, you will improve your chances of scoring better loot.

Both Dice will be rolled, and the highest number from them will be taken (they are not added)

If you roll a 20 on BOTH, you will receive a Legendary Weapon

Loot Chart[edit]

Roll Loot One Die % Two Dice %
1 a single piece of Eridium and a grenade (like getting psycho heads on the slots) 5% 0.25%
2-3 White Items 10% 2%
4-13 Green Items 50% 40%
14-17 Blue Items 20% 30%
18-20 Purple or Etech Items 15% 27.5%
Double 20s Legendary Item No Chance 0.25%

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