Pistols Red Text[edit]


Loaded Rex

Trick Shot Rex

Sir Hammerlock's Rex

Two Fer Rex


Drops from Bulstoss in the mission An Acquired Taste

Rex Red Text[edit]

"Basically, it's a big gun."

Rex Red Text Meaning[edit]

Higher damage but slower rate of fire


Binary Infection

Elegant Infection

Expeditious Infection‎


Seraph Weapon

Infection Red Text[edit]

"Itchy. Tasty"

Infection Red Text Meaning[edit]

Corrosive Damage

High Elemental Effect Chance

Increased Elemental Effect Damage

Consumes double ammo per shot

Bullets disappear after a short distance

SMGs Red Text[edit]

Yellow Jacket[edit]

Social Yellow Jacket

Corporate Yellow Jacket


Drops from Jackenstein (Boss)

Yellow Jacket Red Text[edit]

"By the people. For the people."

Yellow Jacket Red Text Meaning[edit]

Extremely low velocity, but rapidly excel

Shock Damage

Projectiles look as if they disappear after short distance but don't

Assault Rifles Red Text[edit]

Damned Cowboy[edit]

Sir Hammerlock's Damned Cowboy


Drops from Bloodtail in the mission Now You See It

Damned Cowboy Red Text[edit]

"Speak Softly. Carry This."

Damned Cowboy Red Text Meaning[edit]

Increased damage and accuracy

Does NOT fire as fast as you can pull the trigger


Fast Bulets Chopper

Zapper Chopper

Wyld Asss Chopper

Expandifide Chopper

Greesy Chopper

Hevy Chopper


Drops from Dexiduous The Invincible.

Chopper Red Text[edit]

"Get to it."

Chopper Red Text Meaning[edit]

Insane mag size capable of holding your entire stock of ammo, and keeps firing after shooting unless you interrupt it.

Shoots 4 bullets at once at the cost of 6 assault rifle rounds

Lead Storm[edit]

Swift Lead Storm

Rabid Lead Storm

Ferocious Lead Storm

Expansive Lead Storm

Skewering Lead Storm‎


Seraph Weapon

Lead Storm Red Text[edit]

"What a glorious feeling!"

Lead Storm Red Text Meaning[edit]

Increased Magazine Size

Increased Fire Rate

Bullets split into three projectiles when shot and travel in a curve

Sniper Rifles Red Text[edit]

Elephant Gun[edit]

Tumtum Elephant Gun

Chikamin Elephant Gun


Drops from Arizona in the mission Egg on Your Face

Elephant Gun Red Text[edit]

"Hated by large numbers of people."

Elephant Gun Red Text Meaning[edit]

Increased Damage


Hawk Eye[edit]

Skookum Hawk Eye

Tl'kope Hawk Eye‎


Seraph Weapon

Hawk Eye Red Text[edit]

"Eye certain. Finger Lightning. Aim Death."

Hawk Eye Red Text Meaning[edit]

Extreme Critical Hit Damage (+580% for normal models, +600% for those with the extra critical accessory)

Reduced Normal Weapon Damage

Shotguns Red Text[edit]


Shock Twister

Texas Twister

Rustler's Twister


Drops from Omnd-Omnd-Ohk

Twister Red Text[edit]

"Putting trouble on the run."

Twister Red Text Meaning[edit]

Fires shots in a Tornado pattern


Leather Hydra

Sidewinder Hydra

Texas Hydra


Drops from Rouge in the Big Feet Mission

Hydra Red Text[edit]

"5 heads of Death!"

Hydra Red Text Meaning[edit]

Increased Weapon Damage

Spread is split into 5 parts much like a Pitchfork, with the exception that the spread grows with distance, making it most useful at short range.


Practicable Interfacer

Reactive Interfacer‎


Seraph Weapon

Interfacer Red Text[edit]

"Because it enters your face. Get it? IT ENTERS YOUR FACE!"

Interfacer Red Text Meaning[edit]

Fires in a MIRV-like pattern: bullets from the sides goes back to the center of the shot, possibly hitting the same enemy with 3 different damage sources

Faster movement while aiming down the sights

No Scope

Shields Red Text[edit]

Rough Rider[edit]

The Rough Rider


Drops from The Bulwark in the Palling Around Mission

Rough Rider Red Text[edit]

"It takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose"

Rough Rider Red Text Meaning[edit]

No capacity, just improves resistance from all damage and max health.

Relics Red Text[edit]

Breath of the Seraphs[edit]

Breath of the Seraphs


Breath of the Seraphs Red Text[edit]

"Their return is to be feared..."

Breath of the Seraphs Red Text Meaning[edit]

Grants bonus damage and health regeneration for a short time after killing an enemy to gain Second Wind

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