A Deadeye Skeleton Archer is one of the Skeletons in DLC4

The Deadeye Skeleton Archers are a type of Skeleton in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC. it is the stronger version of the Skeleton Archer

Enemy Stats[edit]

Health: Moderate

Strength: None

Weakness: None

Vulnerability: Skull (Intact) Neck (Beheaded)

Behavior: Skeleton Archers as the name suggest are a ranged foe armed with a bow. A High mobility foe, In groups they tend to hide out of your view and fire on you. Arrows are destroyable and approach on the same arc as most enemy thrown weapons. If you behead them they fire more frequently. Most shots directly at you even though their head has been removed.


Unassuming Docks

Flamerock Refuge

Sandbar of Infrequent Walks

Hamlet of Swift Passing Through

Hatred's Shadow


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